Is outsourced accounting right for your small business?

Is outsourced accounting right for your small business?

Accounting is an essential component that helps in the growth of the business. Businesses rely heavily on accounting and bookkeeping, but they’re also notoriously difficult. It is not only time-consuming but also prone to error if done by someone who is not an expert. And what if your accounting staff does not have enough experience to handle the growing number of accounting responsibilities? Without accounting experience, your business may suffer losses or even go bankrupt due to accounting errors.

Contrary to popular belief, accounting and bookkeeping do not have to be done within a company. Around one-third of business owners believe in outsourcing their accounting functions.

You should consider whether you or your staff are fit to do the job yourself or not. If not, you should outsource your accounting services to someone who has the required skills, experience, knowledge, and qualifications.

Outsourcing accounting tasks has many benefits for clients. Cost-effectiveness is the priority, followed by flexibility in terms of contracts or the number of functions to be scaled.

Some of the top benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting work are:

  1. Cost-effective alternative

When handling the finances, hiring an outside accounting firm is often less expensive and more cost-effective than hiring internal staff. By outsourcing, you can avoid the overhead costs of hiring an employee, such as paid time off (PTO), health insurance, retirement, vacation, workers’ compensation, sick days, and sick leave accrued.

Having a team of experts rather than a single employee also reduces the risk of non-compliance and unreliable financial data for small businesses.

  1. Initiating Action

Being a CEO is not the same as being a trained financial professional who manages the company’s financial records. As a business owner, your primary aim should be to focus on growing and expanding your business.

In addition to being proactive, an outsourced accountant can spot red flags and alert you to issues like expenditures and cash flow. Having someone keep an eye on your finances at all times can provide you with peace of mind and the confidence you need to make smart financial choices.

  1. Reduced Fraud 

Fraud is a common occurrence in small to medium-sized businesses where only one person handles accounting. It’s not surprising because it’s easy to manipulate the business books. Multiple warning signs can indicate fraud, and they are often the result of financial hardships that an employee is experiencing and is unsure of what else to do.

Outsourced accounting services provide increased internal controls because multiple individuals oversee them. It is easy for an experienced team to spot an anomaly compared to a single person who has to deal with the pressure of too much work.

  1. Cost reduction in the hiring process

Examining the picture, you will see that the recruitment process is a demanding one. A recruitment strategy needs to be developed, and candidates need to be selected before interviews can take place. Recruiting permanent employees takes up a lot of your business’s resources, both in terms of time and money.

Instead, hiring a company to outsource your business’s accounting functions will cost much less than the hiring process for full-time permanent employees.

  1. Experienced accountants and bookkeepers

Many business owners believe that hiring an accountant is a challenge for many small businesses and start-ups. This is because looking for a qualified and experienced accountant at a reasonable price is not easy.

But that is not true.

An affordable professional with a higher level of expertise can be easily hired through outsourcing.

Firms that provide outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services must continually upgrade their skills and qualifications to remain competitive in the market. They are well equipped with the new accounting trends, solutions, and tools.

When you choose an outsourcing company wisely, you can rest assured that your accounting is in the capable and knowledgeable hands of a reputable and experienced company.


Outsourcing accounting functions can prove to be very beneficial for your company. While looking for an outsourcing company, you should clearly define the responsibilities and duties you expect them to fulfill.

To find an outsourcing company that can add value to your business by meeting your goals and objectives, you can also search “chartered accountants near me” online.

Ensure that the company you’re considering hiring has the necessary experience, professionalism, and qualifications. Data security is also a significant concern when outsourcing accounting services. Check the contract’s terms and conditions before you sign it, so you’ll know how to get out of it if you’re not satisfied with the services.

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