How To Get Shortlisted for Your Dream Job Interview with Modern Looking Resume Examples

Have you ever applied for a job knowing you’d get it and then  you were informed of ‘you not being the ideal fit’ for the position and you did not receive a call back either.

Throughout our life, we all find ourselves applying for many jobs. As we develop new talents and advance in our professions, we frequently look for new jobs that match our expertise.

However, the recruiting process is rarely easy and simple, usually competitive, and frequently leaves people upset or disappointed when they do not receive the job they desired. After weeks or months of seeking a new job, you may feel discouraged and fatigued.

In today’s job market, being successful is no longer just determined by qualifications or experience. Employers are now searching for candidates that have a blend of soft skills and a cultural fit with the company.

So here it is! A few tips for you to look into for getting shortlisted for your dream job interview with a modern resume.

Tips to Get Shortlisted for Your Dream Job Interview

1.    Show That You Can Fit Into The Culture

Recruiters look at applicants in more depth than simply their qualifications. People who get along, are varied, and can work together create the finest workplaces. Include that in your application if you think your personality would speak on your behalf and that you are the correct cultural fit.

Highlight your excitement, passion, temperament, and how your character sets you apart from the competition whenever you can. Look into the company’s social media pages to get a sense of the culture and convey how you could fit in or make it better.

2.    Make Use of Your Network

When it comes to getting your ideal job, word-of-mouth recommendations might be the most persuasive. People tend to believe what they know to be true. Reach out and take use of your connections if you know someone who is connected to the position or has ties in the industry.

One of the finest methods to shortlist your application is to get the seal of approval and endorsement from a reliable employee. In order to stand out from the competition, it also helps to develop a connection to the position.

3.    Show Off Your Hard And Soft Abilities

Many job applicants solely highlight their technical skills. We sometimes assume that companies only consider a candidate’s qualifications, experience, and polished skills; nevertheless, soft skills are just as crucial for the ideal application.

Even if you excel at some professional activities, you won’t be the perfect match for the company and will find it challenging to collaborate with others if you lack the necessary social skills.

To ensure your compatibility with the workforce and workplace culture, your personality, attitudes, and social skills are all equally crucial. Advertising that you are a team member with a strong work ethic, optimistic attitude, quick problem-solving abilities, and love for the field will probably put you ahead of the competition.


Your resume is your first chance to get the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager. But you don’t want to be remembered incorrectly. If your resume format hasn’t been changed in a while, it can appear dreadfully out of date.

Also, it will be more difficult for the recruiter to uncover the details about how you increased sales every quarter for a year at a software company if you ramble on and on about every job you’ve ever had, starting with lifeguarding during summer break in high school. Better for you and the recruiter if you keep your resume modernly structured – simple yet effective.


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