Minimum IELTS score for Canada PR for Dependents

Minimum IELTS score for Canada PR for Dependents

Looking for an easy way to get those points to make you eligible for a Canada PR visa? Well, knowing English and French can create definite point setters for you. After all, not knowing an official language can create barriers to work, living, study or even establishing your business,

Even getting a minimum IELTS score for Canada PR will only increase your chances of getting a high-paying job. Even for students, colleges, and universities need you to give tests proving fluency in English.

Much of their dissertation, essays, or projects can be submitted in English only. If you feel you are weak, start taking coaching classes, it is never too late. All 4 bands of reading, writing, listening, and speaking must be worked on with equal dedication.

Apart from this age, work experience, education, job offers, and connections to the province are taken into consideration. You can even retake your test by practicing with online mock tests. After all a visible improvement can help you gain scores with eligibility as well as CRS scores.

Your minimum IELTS score for Canada PR is not only needed for yourself but family members such as spouses and children. Your spouse can manage, but how about the dependents you call to stay with and who are they

Who Qualifies as a Dependent for Canada PR?

  1. Spouse or common-law partner
  2. Dependent children who are below the age of 21
  3. Grandparents and Parents
  4. Those children who you have adopted but out of Canada
  5. Brother or sister, niece or nephew, or any close relatives or family members

Dependent minimum IELTS score for Canada PR in 2024

According to the latest reports, the minimum IELTS score for dependents is also between 6.0 to 7.0. If they wish to work and even stay in Canada they need to know the language, Also depends on the kind of immigration program they are applying for.

For example, when they apply through the Federal Skilled Worker program there is no need for language results for them. This is unless they wish to claim some additional points to improve their chances of a PR visa.

Do ask your best Canada immigration consultants in Mumbai as they will know what the present score requirement is. Since they deal with such cases each coming day, who better than them to advise whether you need to get that score for jobs in Canada from India?

Also, in cases of sponsorship if they are already permanent residents or citizens then you will be exempt from submitting your IELTS test results for certain immigration processes. With a 6.0 minimum band score as dependents, you can even apply for Canada PR through Provincial Nominee programs.

What makes you qualified as a dependent for Canada PR visa?

Here are some points without which you cannot classify yourself as a dependent who can be sponsored:

Ensure that you are not below 18 years of age

You should be either a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. Also what is considered if you are registered as an Indian with the Canadian Indian Act.

As a dependent, you need to prove that you shall avail of any social assistance unless you are a disabled person.

If you wish to sponsor a dependent you need to convince immigration officials that you will be able to take care of their basic needs.

Kind of relations you can sponsor

Looking to sponsor dependents now that you are PR or a citizen, check whether they come under the purview to be included. Here is who you can be a sponsor for:

  1. Spouse or Common Law Partner

This means a legal marriage that is recognized between the both of you. Also, you should be 18 or above to be a spouse to someone. On the other hand, your common-law partner need not be in a legally binding marriage to you.

Also then be either male or female which means same sex partnerships. But you should be in a living arrangement with them for a minimum of 12 back-to-back months in a stretch.  And if there is a time gap between both it must be short and temporary.

  1. Conjugal Partner

This kind of relationship does not either need a legal marriage or a common law relationship. What they need is to be with you for a minimum of 1 year. Also, keep in mind that they should be living out of Canada.

  1. Dependent Children

If they are children then Canada deems them as one if they are below the age of 22. And, yes no marriage for them or partners. Or else how do they even qualify as children? As a sponsor you should be able to support them till they are eligible to get into jobs in Canada from india


Sponsoring your dependents is a part of the family reunification for which Canada is serious. This is even mentioned in their immigration levels plan, and as Indians, we have always believed in the unit of family and togetherness.

To get a better understanding of the process and documents talk to Nationwide Visas experts. You do not want to miss guidance from the best Canada immigration consultants in Mumbai.


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