Points to Consider Before Buying Dinnerware

When we are invited to an event or a party, or when we have a party or any kind of occasion in our house, even at that time we always focus on the food, making sure that the food quality and quantity is maintained properly. and as usual, in this case also we forget the most important thing, dinnerware. But unfortunately, we turn a blind eye towards dinnerware.

Owning a luxurious dinnerware is everyone’s desire, but few know that many of the dinnerware materials are harmful to our health. Hence, it is very necessary to consider some points before buying a fancy dinnerware set. Dinnerwares are made up from many types of materials such as ceramic, melamine, plastic, etc.

From this materials ceramic is considered as the most favourable dinnerware material as it is both dishwasher and microwave safe, it is least susceptible to breakage, it is even resistant to high temperatures compared to other dinnerware materials.

Types of Ceramic

Very few know that ceramic dinnerware consists many various other dinnerware materials like porcelain, bone china, fine diamond china, etc. Each type varies in durability, texture, porosity, and appearance. Below is a breakdown of each type:


Earthenware is a ceramic product that while manufacturing is polished with shiny gloss and fired to make it impact resistant, but still its impact resistance is less than the other types of dinnerware materials. It easily absorb liquids and It is simultaneously prone to bacterial growth, stains, and chipping.


It is mixed with glass and is more durable compared to earthenware, but it can break easily if the temperature in surroundings changes suddenly. However, it is more opaque and more thick compared to china and porcelain.

Bone China

The main ingredient of the bone china is the bone ash of the cattle bones that have low iron content in the bones. The other ingredient used in bone china is kaolin, which is a white soft clay that is used in the making of rubber, paper, and other products also. Even though bone china dinnerware is thin and delicate, but still it is suitable for dishwasher machines and microwaves.


The ingredients used in producing bone china and porcelain are the same, but the construction of porcelain is thick and heavy in comparison to bone china, and because of that porcelain is durable and affordable.

The pure porcelain dinnerware is suitable for all appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens also, but the porcelain dinnerware with a metallic accent is not suitable for microwaves. 

Fine diamond china

FDC (Fine Diamond China) is the whitest, the hardest and the most transparent (translucent) porcelain ever made in the world. It’s delicate yet hard body offers all the privileges of both Hard porcelain and Bone china at the same time.

Characteristics of Ceramic Dinnerwares (Porcelain, bone china and Fine diamond china)

While manufacturing the dinnerwares, the materials that are used are very delicate and of very high quality, the manufacturing process makes them more durable and impact resistance.

Cruelty-Free and Non- toxic

Bone china dinnerware is made of bone ashes which is not be suitable for many religious people. In these cases it necessary to produce every dinnerware piece from substances which are not at all harmful to human health or environment.

Some low quality of dinnerwares use lead and cadmium to give finishing touch to the dinnerware, but in Hyrem every single product is totally free from toxic substances. Lead and cadmium are such substances that can easily blend with the food and harm our health. Lead helps increase the long-lastingness and seal the plate decoration’s glaze and gives a shiny touch to the dinnerware, whereas the cadmium helps the dinnerware to have bright yellow and orange color which brightens the product.

As a consequence, it is compulsory to invest in a high quality dinnerware sets which are bought from a trustworthy dinnerware supplier that provides total transparency about its business policies and dinnerware care tips with its customers.

Manufactured with latest technology

While manufacturing any knid of ceramic dinnerware, it is very important to heat them at a proper temperature. At Hyrem, the dinnerware pieces are manufactured with latest hi-tech machines and heated at 1400 degrees of celsius making them more durable, microwave and dishwasher safe and also scratch resistant.

Easy to Maintain

Many, or probably all of us, look for ceramic to last forever, which is only possible by taking a good care of the dinnerware. Even the best quality china dinnerware may crack if not taken proper care of.

Hyrem’s dinnerware are so simply designed that they are easy to stack in the kitchen cabinets with proper care. If you are afraid of putting your lovely dinnerware pieces into dishwasher, then no worries you can wash them on your own easily because of smooth surface and simple design.


Hyrem’s dinnerware are manufactured with latest technology reducing the labor cost of the decorating the dinnerware pieces, but the materials used in manufacturing the dinnerware raises the price. However, Hyrem promises to give the perfect luxurious look to your dining table with their dinnerwares.

Caring tips for ceramic dinnerware

It is better to check the instructions before buying tableware. Most warranties or guarantees may not cover wear and tear. Rough handling is a big no. Below are some common instructions to be followed:

Load the dinnerware properly on the racks for drying.

Do not pile heavier ones on the lighter ones.

Do not stack items that are not made for stacking such as mugs and cups.

Wash platinum or gold foiled plates to wash and are equipped with mild detergent.

Do not scribble platinum or gold foiled ones while cleaning with steel wool. It’s a big no.


It is true the dinnerware needs to be the best as enhances your dining experience year after year. Finding a high quality dinnerwares at low prices can be very challenging, this article brings one step solution to your queries by guiding you as to how to choose correct dinnerware that reflects your lifestyle and personality



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