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5 Things to wear under a Blazer for Men | Blazer Tips for men

Suppose you’re trying to figure out how to spice up your outfit when you’re required to wear a blazer at work or for an occasion that requires formality. If you look around, you will notice that many men prefer to wear a classic formal shirt with a blazer for daytime and out, which is perfectly appropriate. If you want to be one of the few men who make a statement in the crowd and carry a minimal look, you’ll need to be more innovative and bet on minimal clothes.

The blazer you wear can help your appearance be elegant and polished without the formality that comes with a suit jacket. Here are five suggestions for wearing underneath a man’s blazer to look smart while feeling at ease.

A well-designed Classic Cotton Shirt

It’s shocking how many men purchase dress shirts, assuming that they’re all alike and end up with ones that are rigid or scratchy. They can also be uncomfortable. A well-constructed shirt that you can put underneath a blazer is excellent, particularly when the shirt is stretchy, comfortable, and light and doesn’t get wrinkled. Buy a classic cotton shirt made with premium giza cotton; this shirt will be perfect for formals & evenings ocassions. This is the most formal outfit you can call and always is stylish when paired with a tie (try the bow tie for amusement). Alternately, you can wear it with the top button unfastened with a T-shirt on top to create a casual appearance. Make sure to tie the top button in.

A Polo Shirt

It may not be the best choice to wear with the blazer. However, it’s a Polo shirt for men, is a staple of the wardrobe for many males, and can be stylish with a blazer and tied into a belt. Polo shirts are popular because they’re generally more comfortable, especially in the summertime, where men can wear short sleeves but still want the ability to wear a blazer for a formal event. Another benefit of Polo shirts is that they do not wrinkle as often as traditional dress shirts. Be sure the polo you wear with a blazer is in good condition and has plenty of starch to ensure it doesn’t appear unattractive.

A Flannel Shirt

Don’t fall for the trap of thinking that all men’s flannel shirts are the typical “lumberjack plaid” comprised of wool, cotton or other synthetic fibres. This was the case when they first came out in seventeenth-century Wales to safeguard people from the weather. Nowadays, men’s flannel shirts are available in various styles, ranging from thin and more summer-friendly styles to warmer designs for winter. They are also known as solid colour options that do not appear like flannel; however, you’ll feel the softness instantly. It’s just as you would dress in a traditional cotton shirt but under the blazer and belt.

A Corduroy Shirt

If you think that corduroy clothing is stiff and warm, Consider this The best corduroy shirts are constructed of less material than what you’re thinking of as you imagine corduroy. This is because of the details of stitching that create slightly different from an ordinary dress shirt up close. Although you may not be thinking of corduroy when you think of shirts, corduroy shirts for men are quite stylish in their own right and when paired with blazers. They also come with a bit of stretch that moves with your body, making them quite comfortable.

A T-shirt

If you’re not going to an extra-formal party or business event, A good quality T-shirt will be stylishly paired with a jacket. Whether it’s a V-neck or traditional crew-neck, be sure that it’s free of holes and stains and is well-fitting. In the end, regardless of the style of the shirt, you are wearing a blazer. Sure the blazer you wear is constructed from a fabric that is similar to the shirt’s fabric beneath it. In other words, you shouldn’t wish to wear the winter blazer to lighter summer clothes or the reverse. Pay attention to the small details. It’s not always about what you put on so much as how you dress it.
The right accessories, whether a belt, watch tie, or handkerchief leather loafers, can change the look of an outfit. The fit is equally important since the last thing you want is to appear like you’re drowning under an unflattering blazer or being suffocated by a blazer that’s too small.

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