Top 5 Scary yet Traditional Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Scary yet Traditional Halloween Costumes jacket

Before Halloween or any costume party, many constantly struggle to select their costumes. If you are one of them and you think that you are the only one. Who suffers from the long hours on the internet? You are wrong! There is this so-called easy way out of it. No, we are not going to talk about the superhero costume. They are the most popular ones these last couple of years. After the release of GOTG Volume one, the Star lord costume jacket is also a fan favorite for Halloween.

As Halloween has been around for more than a century now, there are a few costumes that are staples. Even wearing these sorts of costumes each year for the rest isn’t going to be judged by anyone. There are actually more than a few ones but let’s have some of the costumes which have been fused with Halloween.


The vampire’s spooky tales have been around for centuries, and when the day of the dead ones and creepiness was formed. This has been a significant costume to don into. Flash forward to this day, the costume of the vampires is one of the most worn and much-praised ones from millions around the globe.

So if you are feeling thirst for costumes, of course, not the actual human flesh blood. This costume is an easy way out and ends your suffering of searching for costumes on the internet. Thirsty for blood or not, but don’t forget to add the long pointy teeth to your costume. It is the key component. And if that is too much for you. Then you always have the Black Panther jacket, which you have always liked since the comic days.


Well, if you are one of the ones who has always been afraid of clowns. Then this is a part that you might skip. The costume has been literally made to spread happiness. So how it ended up being the best and iconic costume for Halloween. There are literally two routes you can take a clown costume. One, don the costume to spread happiness and laughter among the kids with your red nose and flamboyant jumpsuit.

On the other hand, take the alternative route by adding a machete to your equation. And spread nothing but absolute dreadfulness and horror. One other thing that makes this costume around this long is that some folks are already afraid of the clowns. So most likely, the chances are you’re going to end up here at least with some screams.


Literally the easiest getaway costume for Halloween for decades. All the stuff that you really need to pull this one-off. Take a bedsheet and a pair of scissors to cut out the holes for the eyes. This is something that even a kid can make all by himself. This is one of the main reasons that this is one of the most praised. And has been around for all this long.


We instantly think of Halloween whenever we overhear the word witches. For All Hallows Eve, throwing some green face paint is an easy idea. Along with the sharp fingernails, long pointy hats, and a broomstick as a prop is the best and the most wicked costume to don into. The eerier the costume, the more perfect it is going to be to wear on Halloween. From the list of spooky ones. This is by far the most and has the tendency to enchant anyone of being dreadful for the rest of their lives.

Super Heroes

As the charts of fans are going higher than ever before and almost every other person is wearing something from the comic books, based on this is going to be the typical costumes to don but in a typical way. Especially since the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has started its live-action series, the hero costumes are getting more popular day by day, just like their movie series. 

But long before the advanced VFX movies, the superhero costumes have been around for several years. And not all of them are from the DC or Marvel comics, but one that was popular in its days was the Rick Grimes jacket from the comics of The Walking Dead. Ring any bells? There are almost 15 hundred superhero characters in both comic books and live-action movies, but it is really up to you. So which is the character that first comes to your mind? If there is any, that is the character you should be facsimile this Halloween.

So these would be enough for you to clear up some thoughts regarding your question about what to wear on Halloween. There are so many costumes that you can wear this Halloween, but getting the costume you actually like will make Halloween memorable.

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