Impress Everyone At A Party With These Cakes

Impress Everyone At A Party With These Cakes

Party time gives us all some good reasons to relish some of the drool-worthy kinds of cakes. Not just that, some people would just attend birthday parties, anniversary parties, and farewell parties to grab a few bites of cake, centering the entire occasion. We can’t blame such people shamelessly; it’s the kind of effect an appealing yet appetizing cake has on one. So, if you are wanting to party soon too, make sure you call the best bakery in your town and get any of these cakes scrumptiously made. Why only opt for these cakes, if you ask? Each of these cakes is sure to help you claim “the best party host/hostess” title. So without further ado, let’s get into knowing what these party cakes are.

  • Fondant cakes: Though there are many buttercream cakes that look appealing too, they seem to never be able to take their place. Fondant cakes give the entire cake a more alive appeal, which is what makes it a fantastic highlight of any event effortlessly. If you have a theme for this party, you can choose to get a fondant cake made based on it. But if you don’t, there are plenty of fondant cake options that bakers and the internet offer these days. You can make your pick accordingly.
  • Tier cakes: If you want to make this cause of celebration grander than ever before, then a tier cake to welcome all your guests aboard would be the perfect choice ever. You can get tier cakes made in any tempting flavor, like chocolate, black forest, red velvet, etc., to cheer up all your guests.
  • Geode cakes: Remember the time when we were young and were taught about rock formation in our geography classes? Well, geode cakes are a representation of that very concept. Bakers cut out a piece of cake and fill it with some edible crystals to emulate the real, edgy look of real geodes. These cakes are one of a kind, which is why people love to include them in their celebrations to notch things up.
  • Pinata cakes: Pinata cakes are the newest fad that has entered the cake industry and made a big name for itself. Just like the concept of a pinata or confetti that bursts open, these cakes’ outer shells even need to be broken down to relish a moist cake or some chocolatey goodies inside. There are many recipes for pinata cakes online if you wish to bake them on your own.
  • Pull-me-up cakes: It has rather become a trend to have pull-me-up cakes at any party. These cakes are mostly seen as decadent chocolate cakes that come wrapped up in a thin plastic sheet. As one pulls open this plastic sheet upwards (hence the name pull me up), a layer of chocolate ganache seems to flood over the entire cake, making it look absolutely dreamy. It is one such cake that is a major hit due to its unmatched taste and appeal. Bakers have even come up with mango pull-me-up cakes and other tempting renditions of this cake.

So, now that you know about these cakes, what’s your pick for the big party going to be? Do let us know! Also, you can choose to personally bake any of these cakes or order them online from a reputed bakery. Bakingo, a cake bakery, is one of those bakeries that specializes in baking such cakes. Other than this bakery, you can ask your local baker friend to even bake you any of these cakes to outshine every host or hostess ever.

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