How Wama Technology makes a successful Health and Fitness Mobile Application

SEISMIC TRAINING App Case Study The Client – Many Health & Fitness brands approached Wama for making their “perfect” websites & Mobile application.  seismic training’ is a mobile application to improve fitness... Read more »

How Can One Develop An App Like TikTok Technically?

The entertainment industry is booming with short video apps that help people with imaginable information within a short duration of time. In general TikTok app is a wide platform for the users... Read more »
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7 Expert Tips to Launch a Mobile App for Increased Downloads

Developing a mobile application for a business is one of the best ways to gain profit. Why? Because as per Statista, there will be 7.5 million smartphone users in 2026, and people... Read more »

Understanding the benefits of using the best forex platform

You have finally decided that it is time to take the leap or start trading after spending countless hours studying Forex investing. The main issue lies here is that you cannot figure... Read more »

Different Applications of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

Technology is evolving with time. IoT is one of the advancing technologies which has multiple applications in almost every niche. You can assume a healthcare revolution with some of the IoT applications.... Read more »

How To Keep Your Kids To Stay Safe On The Internet?

The Modern information revolution has brought in a variety of challenges to parents and adults. The children are growing much faster thanks to the abundance of information on race,  and political matters. ... Read more »

Is combining Blockchain and Mobile App Development a good idea?

Combining Blockchain technology with mobile app development: a range of never-before promises for app projects  Blockchain technology has brought a paradigm-shifting change to many industries, particularly for data security and data management.... Read more »

NHS App Gets Over 1 Million Downloads for Covid-19 Passport But Users Get Intrusive Personal Questions

Over the past 50 years, British citizens have experienced a tremendous shift in their relationship with their government. In contrast to previous eras of citizen-government relationship, today’s citizens are more likely to... Read more »

eBay Clone – All You Need To Know About Starting An Ecommerce Business

The advent of technology made a significant impact on the retail and commerce sectors. None of us ever imagined that technology could bring such wonders to retailers. Ecommerce apps like eBay, Amazon,... Read more »

Develop a Customised Uber Alternative application

The demand for Private transport is reaching new heights every day. Yet hiring taxis and cabs are also seen as more prevalent. With the new technological strategies and advancements, these cabs and... Read more »