10 Fun Things to do When Kids Say “I’m Bored” This Summer

Summers are here and so is the dilemma of what to do and what not to do, to make the summers exciting, fun, productive and useful for the kids. Isn’t it liking the most exciting part of the year?

A full month break and sometimes even more than that you surely do not want your kids to waste an entire month doing unproductive activities. Well, we cannot ignore the fact that it’s summers and children are supposed to have fun this season. Let’s not burden them with the academics at least in their break but you don’t want them to spend a lot of their time outside the houses in the scorching heat.

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What about a vacation?

But for how long can that be planned for?

A week or two? What after that?

Do not worry we are definitely not here to pressurise you with this never-ending dilemma in fact we come along with the answers and solutions. Allow us to plan the summers for you actually know we will just give you some mind-blowing options and you shall take it forward from there on.

So, let’s get started?

What all fun activities can you organise for your kids? Let’s go back in the time machine a little, what activities kept you busy during your summer break?

A family vacation for a few days or weeks, lounging on the couches and binge watching the favourite cartoons all afternoon, an hour or more of outdoor activities in the evening, holiday homework’s and etc.?

Oh, sometimes I even remember visiting some extracurricular activity classes like Art & Craft, Swimming etc.?

Fun times, weren’t they?

I guess it is safe to say that there was a lot of fun involved with a pinch of productivity.

But fast forward to the today’s generation.

The only activity that keeps the kids busy these days is binge watching their favourite content on their respective digital screens. But who even wants to send the children outside in today’s time?

Considering the spread of infectious diseases and etc. However, it is equally important for the kids to engage in physical outdoor activities. I mean there are so many things for them to do these summers.

What is your instant reaction when your children scream, “I’m bored?” Give them their digital devices and allow them to watch their surf the Internet all day long? How healthy do you think that is for them?

We might not need to answer that for you but we also understand that it leaves you in a helpless situation because how many fun activities can you possibly organise at home.

Actually, let’s start with a fun summer time table. All the parents definitely have a time table for their kids in the usual days but as soon as the vacation hit neither the parent nor the kids follow that and they shouldn’t because that was the time table for usual days and summer vacations shouldn’t be usual. It should be fun summer activities. Let’s design a fun & frolic time table for your summers

– First of all, take a small quirky diary and set to do tasks in it on daily basis and ask your kid to strike each after completion.

– Wake up early with your kids (since now you have the time to take a little nap in the noon)

– Morning summer breezes are blissful, take your kid to the nearby park and let them cycle, run or walk. It will be the great start for their day.

– Back home? Remind your kids about the diary and then ask them to freshen while you cook them a healthy breakfast.

– Make their meals interesting too, some variety everyday so that they don’t crave junk every now and then.

– In that to do tasks everyday ask your child to add a task according to their wish and they can set it before their afternoon nap for an hour or so.

– Enrol them into some fun summer online activity class and it doesn’t necessarily have to good for their academics anything like art and craft, yoga, chess, baking in this way they can even utilise their screen time.

– Set an hour for their holiday homework every day in their time table and help them with it.

– Regular reading intervals maybe an animated magazine, comics, novels of their interests.

– Activities like “new words every day, reading newspapers etc.” can help them build their mental ability.

– Ask them to help you with chores sometimes.

– learn a new activity via YouTube for free.

– Water plants, educate them about different plants and their importance.

– Indulge them into in-home activities like gardening, baking etc.

– Ask them to read and analyse new stories which will help them build their intellect.

– Solve paper games like Sudoku, Crossword with them.

– Play indoor board games with them.

– Let them enjoy some meaningful and informative videos.

– Make them listen to audio books.

These were the ideas for summer fun activities at home but there’s apparently a list of activities your child can do in summers in or outside the home.

It’s the year 2022 and by now everyone understands the concept of online learning. The best part is online learning is not just limited to academic learning; you can actually learn any activity you want to learn online. Various summer camps are organised by very well-known platforms.

Guru At Home for example have various activity classes and courses in their menu but they also have an especially organised window for Summers especially where various fun activities are organised from 6 years old to 60 years old. Yes, even the older ones in your family can join online classes like Yoga etc. and have promising, productive, fun and frolic summers.

Once you motivate your kids and once, they know how they can add fun and productiveness together in their summers, they can plan and organise their vacation plans accordingly and make the most utilisation of their summer vacations.

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