iOS App Development in 2021: 6 Trends to Keep in Mind

Every year, Apple brings new things for developers, business owners, and users that surprises them even more. Be it new gadgets and devices for users or the latest tools and technologies that help an iOS app development company develop excellent applications; Apple gets them all. This year, the company has announced some exciting features that can dominate the app development space. Here are the latest trends you should follow if you look for a smooth iOS app development experience and a robust application for your business.

What are the features Apple comes up with in 2021?

Siri and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI swirls the innovative minds of software engineers and technologists. You might have watched the movies related to Iron Man. J.A.R.V.I.S., Iron Man’s (Tony Stark’s) personal AI assistant, was one of his best weapons; a computer that could do almost anything. For Apple users, Siri is their personal assistant. It might not do everything like J.A.R.V.I.S. but still can assist you with most of the things that you might not get with other devices and platforms.

Recently, Apple has launched SiriKit for iOS app developers. With it, iOS and WatchOS applications work with Siri using voice commands only. This integration is beneficial for the users. One can access the device from the lock screen or use it hands-free. It saves your time and eases your work efficiently.


It is one of the crucial trends that Apple has launched recently. With Core Machine Learning (CoreML), crafting applications crosswise to Apple devices becomes painless. You can create apps that are indeed quick to react using CoreML. With quickly reactive apps, we mean that these are generally the fastest compared to other ordinary iOS applications. Proper integration with Siri, QuickType and other elements can add more likes to CoreML.

Experience the most pioneering app with AR

So, what’s this all fuss about ARKit 2? When developers installed it on millions of iOS devices, it made iOS one of the advanced and massive platforms to experience the power of Augmented Reality. With ARKit 2, you can observe many modifications, such as improvements in face tracking. It also provides you with environment texturing, saving and loading maps. Moreover, you can also use the features of AR and VR to detect 3D objects in a scene.

IoT and HomeKit

Business Insider Intelligence research anticipates that there will be more than 24 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2021. IoT has become a significant part of iOS app development, especially after the release of HomeKit. HomeKit is pretty helpful for developers in developing apps that connect to IoT devices.

Safe and easy transactions with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is all set to replace your regular wallet. Yes, you heard it right. With all-new Apple Pay, stay stress-free for all your transactions. Be it your mobile recharges or credit card bill payments, Apple Pay is the one-stop solution for all the payment-related concerns for Apple users. Moreover, with Face ID, Touch ID, and passcode authentication, you can transact safely and securely. Also, the plus point is, you do not need to save your card details in your App Pay account. 

Security Protocols

Since the evolution and advancement in technology, security has remained the primary concern for all people. It has also been one of the most significant matters for Apple to help developers develop applications that prevent cyber-criminals from hacking and misusing users’ private information.

Keeping this in mind, Apple has introduced ATS – App Transport Security to secure all the newly published iOS applications. With its security protocols, you can build a safe application that protects users’ data from stealing or other malicious activities.

Wrapping Up

This article tries to convey the latest trends and improvements introduced by Apple this year. Since now you are aware of them, it’s high time to make use of them in iOS app development and create an app that enhances your business revenue to a great extent. It would be better to  hire developers for iOS app development who can understand your business requirements to build an interactive iOS application for your company. The amalgamation of IoT technology, AI and CoreML can bring tremendous value to your business growth.

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