9 Eye-Catching Business Card Style Patterns To Watch In 2021

9 Eye-Catching Business Card Style Patterns To Watch In 2021


For any business to flourish, it needs to be recognized. Recognition of your business attracts more clients and customers and helps to sustain it in the market.

There are many ways through which businessmen increase their network, which include attending corporate meetings and getting socially connected through social media applications and groups, but the most common and traditional form still remains: the circulation of business cards.

Business Card

Business cards are small cards that contain information about the company or the business you are doing. They are the primary and traditional way in which business people present their information to other business people.

It has information about the name, contact details, email, address, and other details that make the first impression of your work. Thus, it is commonly used by business people.

There are various types of cards, and among them, business cards are widely used.

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With advancements and technological developments, we have seen changes in trends in business cards over the years. Check them out here. If you are looking for new corporate presentation design patterns for your business, then read the next points.

9 Eye-Catching Business Card Patterns in 2021:

Artsy and Fashionable 

Depending on the type of business you are in, you can go for some artsy patterns that are suitable for fashion or art-related businesses and are unique too.


Use the card to show the uniqueness of your business and make the most of it by making it look innovative.

Clear business cards

When noting down the trends for 2021, clear and transparent business cards are the winner. This pattern is getting tremendous reach, and many businesses are going for this style. They are partially opaque and partially textured, and this see-through concept makes them look high-tech.

Smart Cut-Outs

Over the years, it has been commonly seen that business cards are in a rectangular shape, but there are some changes in shape found these days that make them look cooler, and they can also be used as a protective envelope for business cards.

Personal Touch

Business cards are usually circulated when you meet other business people, so make sure your business card has a personal touch and is relatable to the work. Go for business card designers who can give you the most suitable options. Want Business Card Designer:

QR code cards

A very unique and new style is QR codes; these codes, when scanned, can directly show all the details of your business through the business’s website.

Big Fonts

The use of big fonts and leaving minimum space is creating an impact in the card industry, and people are liking this pattern.

Unconventional text alignment 

Keeping aside the older text alignment, people are experimenting with new alignment designs this year. While using this idea, you need to take care of the readability of the text so that it is not problematic for the readers.

Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are clearly making a comeback this year. With new geometric shapes and ideas, the cards look more attractive and feel futuristic.


Business cards have an impact on business people, or clients, as they are usually exchanged personally. Leaving behind the old designs, there are many new options you can choose from.

You also need to focus on durability, as they should stay longer with people to help your business grow and decide patterns that are relevant and suitable for your business type.

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