Comparision Between Print Media Vs Online News

Comparision Between Print Media Vs Online News

Media is one of the four pillars in the world’s largest democracy for freedom of expression, disagreement, and voicing citizens’ concerns on matters of national and public interest. It is news that forms public opinion Comparision Between Print Media Vs Online News.

In today’s era, the news is the only medium to update yourself on the latest happenings worldwide and generate awareness about all spheres of life. Individuals have their preferred medium to keep abreast of the latest incidents. Here, we will compare newspaper and digital media on some key points to arrive at a conclusion.


Print media comprises newspapers, magazines, periodicals, tabloids, and journals. Earlier, newspapers were the only media to know about the world before the advent of radio, television, and the Internet. Down the ages, people have been waking up to tea and newspapers every day as a traditional source of information. This is something people have grown used to starting their day with.

Newspapers are made up of various sections that cater to different areas like politics, entertainment, lifestyle, business, local news, national news, international affairs, finance, etc. The newspaper can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly Comparision Between Print Media Vs Online News.

Online Media

With the rapid evolution of technology, online platforms have become a real-time source of the latest news with live coverage and interactivity, which you can access from anywhere at any time. Resultantly, there is a significant shift in how people consume information today, even when other mediums like periodicals and television are also buzzing. Dehradun Live is the most reliable digital news platform for a first-hand account of Dehradun News on politics, business, entertainment, sports, weather, health & fitness, lifestyle, travel, etc.

Comparison between Newspapers and Online News

Let us compare newspapers and online media on some of the key points.


Today, most people prefer online news to traditional media. Online news is more popular because it is cheaper than newspapers. In addition, Internet access is readily available to everyone. You just need a mobile device and the internet to access live news alerts. In contrast, you need to pay the monthly subscription fee for newspapers or tabloids Comparision Between Print Media Vs Online News.


A newspaper is printed using ink and newsprint paper. In a way, you are indirectly promoting the environment with digital news because printing requires paper and chemical ink. Chemical ink contaminates the environment, and trees are felled to obtain paper.

Search Facility

Unlike print media, online platforms provide a search facility to get exactly what you want to read as per your interests and requirements. Thus, it gives you selectivity. In a newspaper, you have to check various pages to find the news.

Ease of Use

You can change the screen size and display to improve visibility and readability on digital platforms. With cross-news links, you can access in-depth and background information and get to related news. With traditional media, you have to read the articles printed on hard copy.

Notifications and news alerts inform you instantly about a new development. Advanced graphics and visuals make online articles more appealing. Various media types help you consume information with podcasts, GIFs, images, and videos. These options are not available through traditional media. Just bookmark a portal, and you are all set to get the latest updates.


With your gadgets, you can access news anytime and anywhere, whether you are holidaying or traveling to far-off places. You can get newspapers only where circulation or vendors are available.

Instant Updates

Online news updates in real-time to provide you with information at any time. You have to wait until the following day to get news through newspapers.

Live Event Coverage

With digital media, you can watch live coverage of sporting events, live shows, and talk shows. In addition, you can get a live score for your favorite sports. This is the limitation of newspapers.

Sharing Views

Online media offers interactivity to comment on and share your views on news and articles. But, again, this kind of engagement is not possible with newspapers.

The world is changing at a scorching pace, and print media is also going digital and making their web identity catch up with online media. Digitization is the best way to enhance readership. With a comprehensive comparison between newspaper and online sources, you can decide for yourself the best medium to update yourself on daily political news.

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