10 Tips to Make a Stronger Bond with Your Sister

The bond of love of a brother and sister is really special. This lovable bond is naturally reciprocal and the brother-sister duo can never stay aloof of it. Wherever they are, whichever part of the world they are residing, however distantly placed they may be; the affection of a brother for his sister, and vice-versa, subconsciously resides in each of them. It’s a hearty affair developed right from the birth and continues to grow year after year. It doesn’t require one to tell a brother how much his sister loves him and so it is for the sister as well. This reality exists all over the world.

Today, it has become mandatory for the youngsters to leave their houses for career purpose. Many brothers and sisters stay far off, sometimes to another country, for study or job. In this scenario, they are often clueless about how to keep their bond affectionate with their sister. They are constantly looking for ideas through which they can show their love towards their sisters – whether it is by way of a letter, an online message or a gift. Good thing is that some of the best online portals simplify their job! They have a large collection of items which are best suitable for sisters and these are unique items in every way. One such web portal is UK Gifts Portal, specialize in Rakhi Gifts Delivery Worldwide where a large assortment of presentable and impressive items exists.

Here, let’s try and find out expert tips about how to make your bond stronger with your sister.

  1. Stay in touch: That sounds like a no brainer, but it is true. Girls like it when their brothers stay connected with them in every possible manner. It may be a normal ‘hi’ on the messenger or a phone call, your sister loves it when you do that.
  2. Gift her something: Don’t wait for the Raksha Bandhan to send a gift. Every single day is a good day to bring a smile on the face of your sister. Even a cheap gift will do the job in favour of you. Select an economical earring, a beautiful pen or a model to put on her table. She welcomes it always.
  3. Remember her birthday: Everybody likes to be wished on special occasions and birthday is particularly that day. Females like such people who don’t wait for Facebook to remind about their birthday and your sister is definitely one. Wish her well in advance, like at the stroke of the midnight and kindle your bond of love.
  4. Make her feel special: Sometimes small messages, smileys or other such digital goodies effectively say which even words cannot. Keep doing anything that makes her feel special and you will always see affection growing for you – her brother!
  5. Meet on Rakhi: The best gift you can give your sister on Rakhi is – meet physically! There is nothing in this world which makes her happier than seeing you front of her. So wherever you are, make sure you try to visit her.
  6. Don’t forget a Rakhi gift: Again, don’t ignore the fact that it is Rasha Bandhan, the day dedicated to the sister and brother. But understand it – it is more the sister’s day and therefore, you evidently gift her something, regardless of its cost.
  7. Bhai Dooj is important too: Year’s most awaited and the biggest festival Diwali is followed by yet another important festival Bhai Dooj. Yes, it is different from Raksha Bandhan but it still is yet another occasion for you to bring a smile on your sister’s face. Utilize the occasion so well that it becomes a memorable event for both of you.
  8. Write a letter: In this age of emails and messages, the ancient form of correspondence is long forgotten. Why not decide to write a letter in your own handwriting to your sister. Amid a pile of digital messages, your letter will be a refreshing arrival at her doorstep. Do it this time and she will expect you to send them more often.
  9. Send a voice message: She always waits to hear your voice. Phone calls are alright but think differently this time – sent a voice message. Telephonic conversations end after a time but your voice message will stay with her as a property.
  10. Share old snaps: Photographs are a great way to re-live the old memories. Take out some old family snaps which include both of you, revamp them if necessary and share with her. Without doubt, she will love the thought and her bond will strengthen with you.

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