What does private hire insurance cover?

Private hire insurance:

Private hire insurance is a kind of insurance that will protect you and your vehicle and you will get a licence by which you can pick up passengers who pre-booked their seats. Unlike public hire taxis, private hire insurance will not allow you to pick up passengers from designated stations from the side of the road.

There are some examples of private hire insurance like uber, minicabs, etc. These taxis are generally run through a system that a passenger can pre-book.

If the driver is running a private hire taxi, then he must be driving most of the day. It also means you are spending most of your time on the road which will increase the chances of risk associated with it. That is the reason, you should get private hire taxi insurance. It will protect you, your vehicle, and your passengers.

What does private hire insurance cover?

Most of the time, private hire insurance covers three offers.

Third-party only: 

Basically, it is the cheapest level of cover that will give protection to those who get injured or their property gets damaged in an accident. Third-party only will cover any costs for inducing damage to other vehicles or property up to £5m. You will also get legal liability if you cause death or injury to other people.

Third-party fire & theft:

This is pretty much the same to the third party only but the only difference is that you will also get coverage for third-party fire or in case of some attempt of theft.


It will include all the above and will get coverage for damage to your vehicle. There is a cover for injury in case of any. You will also get cover for fire damage or in case of theft and if your vehicle gets damaged or its spare parts. You will also get coverage for windscreen.

Policy duration:

There is a monthly policy as well as an annual policy. In monthly policy, it will be good for you if you want to get cover for your work or free time. As far as annual policy is concerned, it will be good for you if you want to run your vehicle long-term. There is an option for installments as well.

Criteria for getting private hire insurance:

  • You should have a private hire license.
  • You should have the UK or European driving license.
  • You must be aged between 21-75 years.
  • You should have less than 3 fault claims in the last three years.

In addition to the private hire insurance, there are some insurers who also give you add-ons that you can buy that is associated with your policy and these are: 

Breakdown cover:

It will help you to get on the road if your vehicles break down on the road.

No claim bonus:

If you are driving safely and had no accident in the past few times, it will also aid you to lower your premium.

Replacement vehicle:

If the driver is involved in an accident in which he is at no fault, then he will get a replacement vehicle.

Is private hire insurance too expensive?

Yes, there is no denying that private hire insurance is expensive and it will cost you more to insure, especially when you are comparing it with a personal car. There are some reasons like taxis are most of the time on the road, along with higher mileage when you are comparing with a personal car. It is obvious that if you are on the road most of the time, then the chances of involvement in risk will also increase.

These are the reasons, the insurers charge higher premiums for private hire taxi insurance.

How to get the right insurer with the right policy?

When you are trying to get the best insurance, the first thing is that you should compare your insurance plan with different sites online. Online sites will offer you access to a wide range of insurance providers. It is an easy and fast way to get the right insurer for you.

After you have got a list of all possible insurers, you should discuss with companies about their plans. You should be easy and comfortable with the company to get the right cover for you.

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