MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform Indicators and Add-ons

MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform Indicators and Add-ons

Indicators and add-ons in the MetaTrader 4 platform allow you to customize it to your liking. The MT4 indicators and add-ons you can get for free from us are detailed here.

MetaTrader 4 indicators are technical, solid analysis methods that can assist you in identifying market patterns and providing evidence for future price movements.

Our MT4 download includes access to some of the most popular MT4 indicators, which you may use for free.

To customize your trading experience on MetaTrader 4, add-ons are available. To get the platform working correctly, you may need to use several MetaTrader 4 add-ons. When you download MT4 from us, you will also receive several free add-ons.

MetaTrader 4 indicators and add-ons can be downloaded directly from the MT4 platform using the marketplace. The free update and indicators that we provide on the forum are automatically installed when you install MT4.

Click the ‘navigator’ box at the upper left of your screen and go to the ‘indicators’ folder to see your MT4 platforms’ hands and add-ons. Begin by moving the arrows onto one of your displayed price charts.

Do We Offer Any of the Most Popular MT4 Indicators?

The following is a list of the MT4 indicators you’ll see after installing the software from our site.

An indicator of the history of an order

Learn from your mistakes and replicate your successes by looking at your previous trades in MT4 and analyzing them.

Indicator of pivot points

Pivot points can gauge market movement, and warnings can be added if necessary.

A measure of high or low

You may see the highs and lows of any given period on every given chart.

The Renko indication

Overlay Renko bars on any chart to quickly evaluate price fluctuations.

Chart group indicator

When changing a symbol on one chart, it changes all of them.

An indicator for freehand drawing

At the click of a single button, you may draw freehand on any chart.

What MT4 add-ons are most popular?

From us, you’ll get these free MT4 extensions.

Miniature terminal

With a slew of additional highly configurable features, you can tailor MT4’s deal tickets and charts to your specific needs.

  • Enhanced trade ticket functionality when compared to average MT4 trade tickets
  • View your entries, stops, and limits on charts.
  • When seeing running profit or loss, toggle between pips and cash.
  • Undock MT4 charts to see them as part of your desktop.
  • When you construct stops or limits, you can easily access interactive lines on charts.

Terminal for trade

You can manage all of your trades from a single, powerful window.

  • View a more detailed trade ticket, including the spread.
  • Utilize risk-management solutions that you can customize.
  • Execute bulk actions on all of your open positions.
  • Trades, including sophisticated order types such as breakouts and reversions, can be saved as templates.

Orders for secrecy

Maintain the secrecy of your deals.

Using the software, you may automatically place stops or limit orders.

Set stop-loss and limit orders for your positions.

Matrix of correlation

Look for correlations in the markets you’re following and adjust your risk accordingly.

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