Best technical analysis course to become a market specialist

Best technical analysis course to become a market specialist

Did you know that recently the Indian stock market became the sixth-largest stock market in the world in terms of market capitalization?

Yes! That’s true.

The Indian stock market is booming, creating unlimited opportunities not only for investors and traders but career aspirants as well.


If you have been thinking of a career in the financial markets, this is the right time to start. People are trading like never before, the markets are trying to recover from the great fall of 2020 and the authorities are launching various initiatives to attract more investors to the stock market.

When it comes to establishing a career in the stock market, knowing technical analysis is one of the essential prerequisites. Technical analysis involves analyzing historical price charts to understand market trends and predict future price movements. It studies a variety of charts and indicators in order to understand the market sentiment. It also includes analyzing traders’ and investors’ psychology to predict the mood of the market.

For the uninitiated, technical analysis may look daunting on the first go. Technical terminologies and different kinds of charts may seem difficult to comprehend. However, with proper knowledge and training, it all becomes clear and transparent.

So how can you learn technical analysis?

You can simply enroll in a formal Technical Analysis Course.

The Certification in Online Technical Analysis offered by elearnmarkets in association with the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) academy is a great course to opt for. It is an extensive course that covers the entire universe of technical analysis.

Here are a few features of the course that you should know about:

A certification that matters

Upon completion of the course, all participants are granted 2 certifications:

  1. A joint certificate by the NSE Academy and Elearnmarkets with lifetime validity.
  2. An NCFM certification with a validity of 5-years.

Both these certificates are of immense value and are acknowledged by all financial organizations in India.

Extensive study materials

The course includes extensive study materials – 24 hours of live sessions, live market sessions, 17 videos, 3+ hours of video content and 8 supplementary study materials. The course also includes several practical assignments as well as full-length tests. The course takes roughly a month to complete.

Know the complete universe of technical analysis

No matter whether you are a beginner with no knowledge of technical analysis or you have some knowledge of financial markets, this course will be useful for you. You can gain impactful insights into different kinds of technical patterns and strategies and learn statistical analysis.

This technical analysis course covers all the relevant topics related to technical analysis in great depth – basics of technical analysis, classical chart patterns, gap theory, Heiken Ashi, Candlestick, indicators and oscillators, setting up trading strategies, money management techniques, trading psychology and much more.

Hands-on training

With regards to technical analysis, having practical knowledge is extremely essential. For example, it is extremely important to know how to extract charts and know what kind of information to extract from them. This certification course provides exactly that. It includes several practical training and assignments, which will help you to learn technical analysis in the most efficient manner.

Learn to use technical analysis software

Well, trading is done through software and so is technical analysis. In this technical analysis course, you will be trained to use TradingView – one of the most used technical analysis software globally. You will learn to handle it in detail including extracting charts, drawing charts, superimposing one chart on another and a range of other things.

Learn trading psychology

Ask any experienced stock market professional and they will tell you how important trading psychology is. Market sentiment and mood of traders and investors are important aspects that influence market movement.

90% success in the financial markets is attributed to trading psychology. This course covers the nuances of trading psychology in detail so as to provide a holistic understanding of the markets.

Learn about successful traders

Learning from others’ success and failure is essential to improve oneself. Isn’t it?

During this technical analysis course, you will learn about other successful traders who have made their mark in the world of trading. You will know about their mantra to success, and various tricks that they apply to gain success. Apart from this, you will also be able to know unique trading ideas related to various techniques of trading – day trading, scalping, swing trading and others.

Apart from this, the Certification in Online Technical Analysis course also provides you with the opportunity to interact with ace trader and experienced market professional Mr Abhijit Paul and learn from his wisdom.

Access to student’s forum

Online learning can be quite lonely at times. There are no peers to interact with, no classroom to sit at and no friend to talk to. However, thanks to the ongoing pandemic, we have hardly any choice but to learn online.

During this technical analysis course, you will get access to a student forum where you can interact with other students. You can clarify doubts, ask questions and bond over charts. This will help you feel like a part of a classroom.

Ideal for investors too

Although this course is intended for candidates aspiring to start a career as a trader or broker in the financial services industry, however, it is ideal for new investors too. Knowing technical analysis can be beneficial in their journey towards becoming expert trader.

Clarify doubts whenever where-ever

People often think that while learning from pre-recorded classes, clarifying doubts will be difficult. Well, not the same when it comes to this training. Every recorded video has a comment section where you can post your doubts and the support team provides answers in as many details as possible.

When it comes to technical analysis courses, this course is all that one can ask for. With the right balance of theory and practical training and two certifications at one go – this course is the right step towards establishing a career in the stock markets.

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