How to schedule a Facebook post in advance?

How to schedule a Facebook post in advance

Are you searching for answers on how to schedule Facebook posts?

Or have you recently launched your venture?

Maybe you are a business owner looking for “how to schedule Facebook posts.”

Scheduling Facebook posts not only saves your time but also helps you look after other, more important tasks. It provides consistent, engaging content for your audience. It lets you connect with people with the same interests.

Scheduling Facebook posts in advance is great for social media specialists to manage their consecutive posts. It is an antidote for gloomy and inactive Facebook pages where you published your last post months ago.

To make your life easier, we would love to share some tips and tricks for scheduling Facebook posts and keeping the audience interested.

Is scheduling posts helpful?

Scheduling posts is like a dream come true for people with a busy schedule.

It is not only helpful in saving the right amount of time, but it also lets you have some free quality time to spend with your family and friends or to utilize it for any other more important task.

You just need to take out a few minutes or hours from your free time or whenever it is feasible for you and schedule your Facebook posts.

It helps in maintaining the consistency of your accounts on social media or the pages you manage. Scheduling posts may help you develop better strategies for your business, as you will have enough time for them.

Once you start a business and it flourishes, scheduling posts is a blessing for developers!

Facebook Business Page:

To make your scheduling easier, we have listed below a step-by-step approach that will let you auto-post on Facebook. But for that, you need to have a Facebook business page. If you have one, it’s great, but if you are unfamiliar with it, create one!

It takes a few minutes to make one and align things accordingly.

Let us guide you on how you can create a Facebook business page.

Happy scrolling!

To create a Facebook business page.

You have to first login from your Facebook account.

Click on the create button on the right-hand side of the toolbar. Now select the option to create a page.

Now you will have the option to choose between two categories:

  1. Business or brand.
  2. Community or public figure.

Click on Business or Brand to have a business page.

Now enter your business information. Select a unique and classic name for it so that people can look it up for your business. Choose a category that represents your page best.

Once you have given a name to your Facebook business page, now upload an eye-catching display picture or set your logo as your display picture to have an identity. Upload an amazing cover photo.

Now invite your friends to like your business page. Friends are the biggest support system you have, so choose them wisely! Ask your friends to share your Facebook page on their timelines and invite their friends to give a thumbs up to your page! Words of mouth are the most effective; you can ask your family members or friends to promote your brand’s page.

Update the ‘About’ of your page. You can find the option in the left-hand menu.

Add information about your business. Insert your phone number where you want customers to contact you, and mention your brand’s products and information about them!

Congratulations! Your page is ready. Now market your business page by staying active, interacting with your customers, generating excellent content, and being consistent, as consistency is the key to a successful business!

How do I schedule Facebook posts?

Once your Facebook business page is created and set up, let’s jump up to the steps of scheduling Facebook posts through the desktop.

Steps to schedule Facebook posts through a desktop:

To schedule Facebook posts through a desktop, all you need to do is follow these steps, and within a few minutes, you will learn to schedule your posts in advance!

  • Login to your Facebook profile.
  • Go to your newsfeed by clicking on the Home button.
  • Now click on Pages in the left menu.
  • Select the page where you want to schedule your posts in advance.
  • Click on Publishing Tools in the left menu once your page is open.
  • Another page will open. You have to click on “create post.”
  • Now create a post that you want to schedule.
  • Click on the downward blue arrow and select Schedule Post.
  • Set the date and time when you want to schedule your post. Once you are done with setting it, click on the schedule post.
  • Tadaaa! Your post is scheduled in advance!

For a more precise understanding, let’s go through these steps again in a brief way!

Step 1: Create a post.

Going to your Facebook timeline and thinking about the subject of your post is what you should come up with.

To schedule a post, click on “Pages” in the left menu. If you are unable to find the ‘Pages’ tab, then tap on See More to look for more options! Pages you have created will open on a screen. Do not select the page where you want to schedule your post in advance!

Click on Publishing Tools once your page is open.

A window will appear with a list of your previously published posts, giving you the option to schedule a post in advance at the top of the uploaded posts!

Step 2: Select the schedule

To schedule a post, always make sure to have the content calendars ready for your brand. These social media strategies and calendars take the brand in the right direction. Delaying Facebook posts may make your followers think the page is dead or is no longer active. Select the schedule. It will show you more options, but keep in mind your purpose for scheduling your posts in advance.

Step 3: Set a date and timing.

Knowing the significant dates and timings to schedule a post in advance will help you focus not only on your business objectives but also on having a solid marketing strategy and consistency in your posts.

Once you have created a post, you need to select “schedule.” A window will pop up, which will allow you to set the date and timing. Select a date and time and ensure that you have an idea of organic traffic during peak hours and understand the perfect timings for publishing a picture or auto-posting to Facebook. It is essential to know the significant dates or days on which you want to publish your post.

As per the research, the best times to post on weekdays are from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. To schedule a post in these timings to have the maximum reach on your posts, and that too an organic one!

Step 4: Click on schedule.

By clicking on the schedule button, you have finally achieved what you have planned for. It is entirely up to you, as you have learned when and how to schedule your posts now. Once you have scheduled it, congratulations! You are now done!

To reschedule your Facebook posts.

It is also essential to know how you can reschedule your posts.
If you want to edit, delete, or reschedule your Facebook posts, all you have to do is click News Feed and then tap on Pages in the left menu.

Go to the page where you have scheduled your post previously. Click Publishing Tools in the left column. And then click on scheduled posts below ‘Posts.’

Now look for the post you want to edit and click on it. Click on the ellipses on Post Preview, and then select Edit Post to make any desired changes you want to make.

Steps to schedule Facebook posts using a mobile phone:

Auto-posting to Facebook using a desktop is very easy, but have you ever tried scheduling a post through your mobile phone? If not, do not worry. We are here to guide you through, step by step, how you can plan your posts.

Install Facebook Page Manager on your phone to schedule Facebook posts through the phone.

Scheduling posts through Android:

  • First, log in to your Facebook account using the page manager.
  • Click on the page where you want to schedule a post.
  • Tap on the Post button.
  • Create your post now.
  • Now tap on Next.
  • Tap on the publishing options at the top of your screen.
  • Now click on Schedule later.
  • Select the day you want your post to be published.
  • Tap on time, then tap on the clock so that you can select a time to schedule your post in advance!
  • Finally, tap on schedule (or okay).

Your post is scheduled now!

To schedule a post on the iPhone:

Almost the same steps are to be followed using an iPhone.

  • You have to log into your account first.
  • Open the page where you want to schedule your post.
  • Create a post now.
  • Tap on Continue.
  • Tap ‘When will this be published?’
  • Tap on schedule later.
  • Select a date and time when you want to schedule your post.
  • Select Schedule Later.
  • Tap schedule.

We hope you find it easy, and now you can schedule Facebook posts without any hurdles!


If you are a business owner or a marketer and you’re looking for ways to save your time and energy, Scheduling Facebook posts in advance is a game-changer for you!

It only requires a few clicks to show its magic.
Once you learn how to schedule Facebook posts, you will love to be consistent and active. And you would have enough time to generate excellent content for your Facebook business page. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start today.

Happy Scheduling!

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