Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers In Premises Liability

Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers In Premises Liability

What to do after getting injured at someone else’s property? Probably the first question that comes to the victim of such accidents. To secure your rights in premises liability, you need to hire a skilled Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer.

According to Texas premises liability law, if you get injured at someone else’s property with no fault of yours, you have the entitlement to file the claim against the owner. The owner of the property can get held for the poor maintenance of the property.

But, Texas Premises Liability law is not that easy to get handled by commoners. It needs expertise and experienced professionals who have a clear understanding of the laws.

If you got injured at someone else’s property, Dallas Personal Injury lawyers will help in the claim process and achieve the best possible outcome. 

How can Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers Help in Premises Liability?

You can also file a third-party claim when injured while working at someone else’s property. The Texas worker’s compensation lawyers will give you the best advice to file a third-party claim or pursue workers’ compensation. Read more about Texas Workers compensation lawyers in third-party claims.

Let’s see how Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer help in proving the liability of property owner:

  • After getting injured at the unsafe property, the Dallas Personal Injury attorney will prove the property owner’s guilt.
  • The attorney by your side will complete all your documents and paperwork
  • The attorney will do a prompt and thorough investigation of every aspect of your case and evaluate surrounding circumstances to determine the owner’s carelessness.
  • The Personal injury lawyers in Dallas work with a team of investigators, medical experts, and safety experts. The groups of experts determine the liable party for your damages. 

The expert team also determines the extent of the harm you suffered in the unsafe premises.

  • The injury lawyer will visit the property and collect photographs and inspect the whole scenario. If found necessary, the injury lawyer will reconstruct the accident.
  • The injury attorney negotiates with insurance companies to settle before filing a lawsuit.
  • The Dallas Injury attorneys are well versed in preparing and taking the case to court. 
  • The injury attorney will keep you updated about the progress and important dates of the claim.

Requirements to win Premises Liability Claim

To prove premises liability claim, the Dallas personal injury attorney will prove the guilt of the owner by any of the following:

  • Poorly maintained property
  • The owner created insecure conditions that caused the injuries
  • Failure to notify the guest of any unsafe conditions

In premises liability, the defendant must own the property involved, and the plaintiff must have the invitation to the property. A trespasser cannot file a premises liability claim.

How to know whether you have a premises liability claim or not?

In a premises liability claim, many factors are determinants for having a premises liability claim or not. Some of the essential elements to have premises liability claim include:

  • Your status as a visitor:

If you visited a store, a shop, or a park, you were an invitee. The owner should repair or warn you about any dangerous conditions known by the owner.

But, if you visited a friend’s or relative house, you were a licensee. The owner owed a duty to repair and warn you about the unsafe condition. The owner owed no duty of care if you were an adult trespasser.

The property owner didn’t owe a duty of care for a trespasser (neither a licensee nor an invitee). But, it’s also true that the owner cannot intentionally harm the trespasser. The owner will also owe some duty of care if the trespasser is under 18 years of age.

  • Did the owner take any step to warn or repair the damaged property?

Whether you get into the property as an invitee or licensee, the owner owes the duty of care. So, to have compensation, you must prove:

  • that the owner failed to warn you about the unsafe condition
  • The owner didn’t fix the dangerous conditions
  • The owner knew about the dangerous condition:

It’s the essential point in a premises liability claim. So, you will have to prove the evidence that the owner knew about the dangerous condition. 

The Dallas Personal Injury lawyer will help you collect the evidence to prove how long the unsafe condition existed.

  • Did the unsafe condition possess any warning?

If the dangerous condition signalled you for unsafety, you might get partially responsible for the injuries. It might reduce your recovery. So, you must have enough proof that dangerous conditions didn’t have any warning.


If you got injured at someone else’s property with no fault of yours, you might have a premises liability claim. So, if you intend to pursue a claim, you should immediately consult Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers. The attorney will review your case and will work to get the best outcome.

Almost all cases must get filed within a certain amount of time from the date of the accident. So, instead of wasting time, you should consult a Dallas personal injury lawyer to know the options available for you and the chances of your case.

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