Embed Instagram Feed on Website With These Amazing Tools

Instagram has certainly changed the marketing scenario, it has made expressing easier by providing various mediums. Therefore businesses are now looking forward to maximizing the use of Instagram to achieve their business goals.

While many marketing maneuvers might turn out to be pricey for certain businesses, there is one cost-effective strategy, provides great results, and is manageable. There is a noticeable trend where businesses are adopting this strategy. You can even jump on this trend and enjoy amazing benefits. All you have to do is embed Instagram feed on website.

Various tools are readily available in the market that provides you with ease to embed Instagram feed on website. But to save your time and effort in searching for an appropriate tool, we have listed the three best tools for your convenience. You can find them easily on the internet, and with their user-friendly interface, you can operate them with ease.

Best Tools That Enables You To Embed Instagram Feed On Your Website


Tagembed is a phenomenal social media aggregator tool that helps you aggregate social media feeds from various social media platforms and curate and customize them. And then displays them on your website as one unified presentation. In addition, it allows you to integrate with 18+ social media platforms providing you with a wide range of content to display on your website.

And as the tool provides you with a dedicated Instagram widget. So you can easily gather Instagram feeds from your desired source and display them on your website by using Instagram widget. All you have to do is, collect the feed using Tagembed, generate the embedding code of the widget and paste it into the backend of your website. And that is it with these simple steps you can easily showcase Instagram feed on your website.

Other than simplifying the embedding process, it provides various other features that make it an ideal tool. These features add great value to the tool and help you to beautify your website. Like, it provides a customization option that enables you to moderate the fed as per your need. Here you can change the font size, font style, and more to add grace to your website. And by choosing from various layout and theme options, you can opt for the one that you think best matches your website’s style.

The moderation feature allows you to moderate the feed as per your requirement. Here you can remove the content that you think is inappropriate or not suitable for your website. You can either remove the content manually or opt for automation, where the tool removes the content containing mentioned keywords.

It also automatically updates the feed, without any hassle. In simple words, you don’t have to refresh the widget manually to get all the latest content. As soon as someone uploads the content on your source, your feed will be displaying it.

Custom CSS, responsive widget, analytics are some of the other major features of the tool.


Snapwidget is another amazing tool that helps you collect Instagram feed from your desired source and display it on your website. Like Tagembed, this tool also eases the embedding process. So even if you are from a non-technical background or do not have any coding skill or knowledge, you can still operate the tool with ease and embed Instagram feed without any hassle.

The tool provides you with various widget options. You can select the one that best suits your style. For example, you can use the Instagram grid widget. Instagram grid widget systematically showcases the content. It provides equal space to all the content, hence your visitor can look at more content. Even Instagram uses the grid view on its mobile application,

Instagram feed widget, Instagram popup are some of the other amazing widgets that the tool provides.


As the name suggests, Lightwidget is a light tool that provides a responsive Instagram widget that displays Instagram feeds without affecting the website’s speed. And as it provides a responsive feed, so no matter what device your visitors are using, they will be able to view the content without any trouble.

The widget loads very fast, which enhances the visitors’ browsing experience and helps you to increase your brand reputation. After all, who won’t praise a fast-loading website that displays engaging and entertaining content.

Lightwidget allows you to add multiple Instagram accounts to your feed. That means you can pull content from various Instagram handles and keep your website engaging.

Summing It Up

Instagram is a great social media platform, allowing businesses to enhance their reach and capture new audiences. Being on the platform provides such amazing benefits, so you can imagine the benefits you can enjoy when you will be able to use it beyond platform boundaries.

Opting to embed Instagram feed on the website, is a smart way to use Instagram to great use and extract maximum benefits from the platform. The tools mentioned above are the best tools that are currently available in the market. You can find them with ease, so ahead, try these tools now and take your business to new heights.

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