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Many EML files holders are struggling with the query how to convert EML email to PDF. The need to convert EML files in PDF format may arises anytime. There are so many methods available that helps in converting in EML files in PDF format. However the main struggle started when we have to choose any one of them for converting EML files in PDF. Don’t worry, in this blog, we will mention some reliable source for best way to convert email to PDF. Let’s start with the reasons behind EML files conversion into PDF!

Why Users Need to Convert EML to PDF

There are so many reasons responsible for conversion of EML files in PDF format. We are mentioning few common reason among them:

  • Being an independent application, PDF does not need any specific hardware, software or operating system to open.
  • You can save wide variety of content on PDF such as text, images, vector graphics, 3d-models, animation, video, audio and many other.
  • PDF has password security features which makes the data more secure and safe.
  • PDF provides various other security measures such as Watermarks and Digital Passwords.
  • These documents are easy to share or upload on any platform via internet.
  • PDF documents are portable and easily manageable. At the time of sharing you can even compress the PDF file for smooth exchange of data.
  • In order to access the data anywhere, most of the users find it comfortable to convert the files in PDF format.

Methods to Convert EML to PDF Format

Method 1: Using Thunderbird Application

The method explain how to save EML files in PDF format with the help of Mozilla Thunderbird. Using this method you can save either EML files of Thunderbird or imported EML files to PDF.

Step 1: Run Thunderbird application.

Step 2: Now create a new folder in Thunderbird and give suitable name to it.

Step 3: Next go the location where your EML files are saved, select the EML files, drag and drop them in newly created folder.

Step 4: The mailbox start appearing on the left side of display such as inbox, sent items, Outbox, customized folder etc. Select any required folder from them.

Step 5: Now go to Tools option in the menu bar and choose Import/Export tools.

Step 6: Proceed with “Export all messages in the folder” option and choose PDF as saving option.

Step 7: when you choose PDF, an alert Windows start appearing on the screen stating “If you export in this format, the attachment is not saved. If you want to save the attachments also, choose a different format”.

Step 8: Click on Ok button to give permission and choose desirable location to save the PDF file.

Method 2: Using Microsoft Word

In this section, we are going to discuss about how to save single EML file in PDF format via Word.

Step 1: Browse the location where EML files are stored in your PC.

Step 2: Select any one EML file and right click on it. After that follow these steps>> Open with>> MS Word.

Step 3: The EML files open in Word document. Now go to File tab and hit Save As button.

Step 4: Choose desirable location and File name to save the file.

Step 5: Select PDF in Save as type and hit Save button.

Step 6: Follow the steps for saving each EML file in PDF format.

Method 3: Using Professional Solution

EML to PDF Converter is a professional third party utility that automatically convert batch EML files to PDF format without wastage of time. The software is workable on all the machines which support Windows operating system of 32 bit and 64 bit. The utility saves EML files with intact mail formatting and original folder hierarchy in PDF. Many customization tools are also available for saving PDF file in desirable way. The software save all the Attachments files in PDF and provides multiple ways to do so.

Unlike manual approaches these is no need to install any EML supported application in your system. Moreover you can convert EML files of multiple email clients like Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, DreamMail, eM Client, Entourage, Apple Mail, Outlook Express and many others in PDF. Technical knowledge is not required to handle this multi-tasking software. There is no doubt that it is the best way to convert email to PDF. To check performance of the software, try its demo edition. The trial version provides complete tour of software working and offers free export of upto 25 EML files in PDF.

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