10 Reasons Why AGC is the Best Agriculture College in India

Since its outset in the year 2014, the Amritsar Group of Colleges’ Department of Agriculture has evolved considerably. Worth noticing, that AGC’s Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology (ACET) having NAAC Grade ‘A’ and NBA accreditations has attained the UGC autonomous status in the same year i.e. 2014 and shortly has become a hub of education for the students of national and international origin to pursue their higher education in the field of agriculture. Now, which course is available at AGC in the agriculture department? It is, “B. Sc. (Honors) Agriculture comprising of eight semesters in four years. Providing distinguished services to the students of this department, Amritsar Group of Colleges is now referred to as one of the Best B. Sc. Agriculture Colleges in India.

But, what are the other factors that prompt one to choose AGC as the best student destination? Here are the top 10:

  1. Diverse Student Body: AGC comprises not only the qualified and talented students of national origin but the foreign students coming from Nepal, Bhutan, Jammu & Kashmir, Afghanistan and various other countries brings diversity with the multitudinous of culture and perspectives on the campus. It is for sure that while studying with the diverse student bodies, under one roof, the students not only get prepared for diverse educational benefits but they also nurture in a diverse world in their adult life. Also, while making projects or other classroom activities, these students have an opportunity to experience and share their viewpoints with the different mindsets present in the class or outside as well which is another plus point.
  1. Academic Reputation: With the highly-skilled faculty in the department of agriculture at ACET, the college manages to have that academic reputation which enables the students to receive the best and quality education. Additionally, emphasizing more on the practicality of the subject through well-equipped laboratories and the college’s own Organic Farm (which is named as AGC Organic Agro Farm covering 7 acres of land) furbishes the pupils of this department with the experiential learning. AGCians are also into the survey projects on important problems in Punjab that are conducted by various agricultural organizations and NGOs.
  1. Affordable Study: When it comes to getting an education, it is beneficial and crucial not only for an individual but for the growth of the economy of the country. And, Amritsar Group of Colleges aims at providing quality education to its students falling under each category, with the ease of learning and that too in their budget.
  1. More Choices of Majors and Specializations: Another reason to choose AGC as the Best B. Sc. Agriculture College in India is the “specialization” that it offers to its students. When you head towards selecting a college you have to explore the colleges having specialization of your choice. The ultimate thing is you can select a specialization based on your passion, ability, interest, values and finally considering your future. All these factors would help you in learning the degree at ACET more productively, happily and will make your future secure & successful. Here at Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology, you will have these as elective specialized subjects:
  2. Crop Science (Soil, Agronomy & Agroforestry)
  3. Horticulture (Pomology, Olericulture & Floriculture)
  4. Plant Breeding, Genetics & Biotechnology
  5. Agri-extension, Economics & Business Management
  6. Plant Protection
  1. Student Activities: To indulge the students of agriculture department into the experiential learning the students are given with the live projects that help them to enhance their knowledge and to learn the techniques of working in the same field. Some of the exemplary projects in the year 2019 included Polyhouse, Vermicomposting, Mushroom Cultivation, Hydroponics, Zero Budget Natural Farming, Organic Vegetable Production and Medicinal Plants, Rain Water Harvesting, and Kitchen Garden.

Additionally, the students are timely taken to educational and industrial visits to distinguished real agriculture fields. Similarly, the agriculture department, in recent months, has organized the trip to

  • Kisan Mela, PAU, Ludhiana
  • Kisan Mela, Regional Center, Gurdaspur
  • Randhawa Mushroom Cultivation
  • Thind Farm
  • Vegetable Excellence Center, Kartarpur
  • Different Nurseries
  • Hydroponics Unit, Moga
  • Attari Orchard
  • Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, GNDU, Amritsar
  1. On-campus Amenities: The campus possesses two girls’ and boys’ hostels with the fully air-conditioned rooms along with the mess and banking facility; air-conditioned classrooms; the labs in the department equipped with advanced technology; AC seminar hall with the capacity of 200 students; AC auditorium with the capacity of 1000 students; Transport facility and the Livestock Management are a few other facilities available in the college campus. The recreation opportunity is also one of the certain things that the students look for while searching for a college. Under this, the students get to play the games of their interests in the hostel ground. For performing and handling the projects assigned by the professors, the students are given an opportunity to work at Amritsar Group of Colleges’ Organic Agro Farm that consists of the variegated sections, for instance:
    • Hydroponics
    • Herbal Garden
    • Nursery Raising
    • Kitchen Garden
    • Student Experimental Area
    • Polyhouse
    • Vermicomposting
    • Mushroom Cultivation
    • Aquaponics
  1. Labs with Modern Technology: To avail practical knowledge in the best way, a college must have laboratories and that too with the modern facilities that make us in-line with the latest trends in the market. The Department of Agriculture at AGC has assorted labs that are fully equipped with the latest machinery that is subsidiary in utilizing the skills gained at college in the ultimate times when you complete your degree. These labs include:
    • Agronomy/Seed Technology Lab
    • Horticulture Lab
    • Plant Tissue culture and Genetics/Microbiology Lab
    • Biology Lab
    • Entomology Lab
    • Plant Pathology Lab
    • Soil Science Lab
    • Biochemistry Lab

It is noticeable that the hi-tech soil testing laboratory available at AGC is helping the farmers of nearby villages to check the soil fertility of their fields, proving to be the learning in the outer world and providing a free learning opportunity in the area of mushroom cultivation, Input preparation for organic farming such as Beej Amrutha, Jeev Amrutha, Agni Astra, Neem Astra, Vermicompost, Vermi wash, Farmyard manure etc. and a couple of other benefits.

  1. Professional Certificate: As the college is approved by AICTE, possess various accreditations and has an affiliation of the IKGPTU (Inder Kumar Gujral Punjab Technical University), Kapurthala, it provides you with a degree which is valid all not only in India but on a global interface. As there is a myth that agriculture course in a college must be accredited by ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) but ICAR in its letter number Edn.5/14/2017-EQR (dated on 29 September 2017) disaffirms all the misconceptions regarding the subject that accreditation is not mandatory. The letter also states that a college voluntarily can apply for accreditation. Hence, providing a globally accepted degree to its students enlists AGC among the Best B. Sc. Agriculture Colleges in Punjab.
  1. Networking Opportunity to Land Internships and Jobs: Why do we study? What is the fun behind having college education after all? Will this degree assures a job opportunity? All such questions arise in our minds while choosing a degree or a college. Being a student at AGC, you will have an opportunity to meet the alumni in various alumni meets as well as you will have a strong connection with your professors and friends also, that help you in making networking. Ultimately, this networking helps you in landing a secure job or an internship in the near future. Moreover, several fests, educational trips like PAU orchards, etc., tours, training sessions such as spawn development/mushroom training etc., handling live projects and maybe the guest talk with the alumni of the college, are the other factors that help you in making a network and preparing for an internship. Here at AGC, this will turn to be an added advantage in terms of a job opportunity.


  1. Career Services: Do you want to pursue higher education after completing your degree in B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture? You will have enormous opportunities, just search for them. But not all the students want to go for higher studies rather some aims at doing a job right after finishing their education. The college’s entrepreneurship & development center and Training & Placement office prepare the students for the job market by counseling them wisely about the interview and whole recruiting process, resume writing, organizing recruitment drives in the campus and a lot more.

Bonus: Along with these top 10 reasons, the close relationship with the professors and the students; having a home-like environment, flexible and updated curriculum, and a well-rounded education make AGC today the most demanded B. Sc. Agriculture College in India and best place to start your career with.

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