Smart Ways to Optimize the Use of e-Commerce CRM Software

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It’s quite easy to invite a group of friends for dinner, right? You have saved the contact of all your friends on your phone. You have to either call or drop them a message, and it’s done in a couple of minutes.

Imagine, if the same is possible for your business? You have all the customer
information, their contact details, purchase history, etc. all in one place. Your half the
hassle is being eliminated this way.

You no longer have to switch systems to get the appropriate contact details of your
customers. Instead, the crm software monday  can be your single destination to learn
everything about your customers.

In the last decade, the eCommerce realm has prospered at a rapid speed. The CRM
software is the smartest way to understand customers through an interactive dashboard.
A modern approach to skip traditional and time-consuming tracking practices instead
use advanced analytics to make business decisions.

Clueless about the CRM software?

Don’t worry, we can guide you with the following:

❖ Understanding the CRM software
❖ How to Use WordPress ERP CRM Plugin to Overlook eCommerce Business?

Understanding the crm software monday

The crm software monday is a tailored tool to handle the relationship between the customer
and the company. The software helps to track sales, schedule meetings, communicate
with customers, and many other activities from a single location.

Apart from streamlining activities, this software also helps to automate and complete
processes at a faster pace.

How to Use WordPress ERP CRM Plugin to Overlook eCommerce Business?

The digital world is a pool of several plugins and WordPress users are always in search
of such plugins. The WP ERP CRM tool is a unique resource that can reform business

Let’s have a glance at it.

Integrate CRM on your Website

To make optimal use of this CRM tool, you have to download the WP ERP plugin. Go to
WP Admin dashboard, click on WP ERP, and then on Modules.

To obtain a comprehensive view on the dashboard, visit WP Admin Dashboard, then
click on WP ERP, then on CRM, and Overview.

The overview section offers you a bird’s eye view of the entire CRM module. The CRM
dashboard gives you the below information:

● Total number of leads, customers, and subscribers
● Total number of contacts
● Total number of inbound emails
● Present and upcoming schedules
● Recently added companies and contacts
● Customer statistics

There are several customized-modern and industry-specific CRM modules that can be
incorporated into the website. An industry-specific CRM module can provide you the
above insights along with the industry updates. It can also showcase your position
across the industry.

Such modules can reduce manual efforts and complete mundane tasks speedily and
accurately. Besides, it can assist you to make quick alterations in your marketing
campaigns as per the current customer and industry trends.

How to Add New Contacts to Your CRM

On your smartphone, when you click on contacts, you can see all the contacts together.
Similarly, when you click on view all contacts tabs in CRM, you can get a glimpse of all
the contacts.

The view of all companies will provide you concise information about all organizations.Click on the add new contact option to include new contacts in your list. Once you click
on that option, you will get a pop-up box and you will have to fill-up certain mandatory

You can also check the leads, customers, subscribers, and opportunities individually.
Make sure that you configure the Gmail API connection in your CRM system as this will
allow you to send emails to leads, customers, and others in your list within a few taps.

A Sneak Peek to your Company’s Activities Through CRM

The WP ERP CRM tool can provide you in-depth details of all your business activities.
Along with the date, you will obtain all the information about that task-who assigned it
to whom, at what time, task details, and when is the deadline.

The filter option allows you to view the specific project details you want to include. For
instance, if you want to view customer data of customers residing in X region, then use
the filter option and it will highlight data of that particular region.

Improve Task Management with CRM

The WP ERP CRM module makes it convenient to assign and manage tasks across
teams. Click on the WP Admin dashboard, then WP ERP, next go-to CRM, and then
click on Contacts.

Click on the Task tab to check the assigned task and get a glimpse of it in a single view.

Create an Event/Log Calendar

As an entrepreneur, you are entitled to several responsibilities. One of the most
prominent roles is scheduling and managing different tasks, sending reminders, and
completing them on time.

The eCommerce CRM software can help send products for shipment, manage
inventory, and get them delivered on time. It can help schedule meetings with clients so
that you don’t end-up planning meetings at the same time.

To make optimal use of this feature, click on schedules:

The My Schedules section will give you a preview of your schedule and an option to edit
it. On the other hand, the All schedules section will notify you about the schedule with all
CRM managers or agents. This section offers you an admin view and you can make edits

Apart from these, the CRM tool offers you accurate reports that can guide you to make
the right business decisions. For instance, the customer reports provide detailed insights
about customer behaviors and this can help create effective campaigns.

It’s time to adapt to a modern business practice and solution that can guide you to
understand customers, reach them at the right time and through the right medium.
CRM integration is an impactful solution that can open new business opportunities.
This integration restricts you to repeat previous errors and walk on the ice of baseless
assumptions. Instead, it offers you a strong base of facts in graphical formats so that you
can win more customers and retain existing customers.

Seek expert’s opinion to know more about the CRM software

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