MBOX Convert to PDF – How to?

Are you having requirements for MBOX Convert to PDF Adobe documents? Then you are on the right platform that can simply solve your how to convert MBOX file as PDF problem with a manual & an alternative solution. You can simply try both explained solutions free of cost. Therefore, read continue this information till the end and get knowledge about the migration of MBOX to PDF.

Manual Method for MBOX Convert to PDF Smartly

If you have a few MBOX files for migration to PDF then you can go with the given manual method that can convert some MBOX emails in PDF because the direct migration method is not available due to the difference between MBOX & PDF (MBOX is a mailbox file format & PDF is the document file format). If you want to know how to convert the .mbox mailbox in PDF manually then you can follow the steps –

  • Download Mozilla Thunderbird and properly configured it.
  • Open Thunderbird on your desktop screen and add ImportExport Tools add-ons in it.
  • Re-launch Thunderbird and go to the Tools menu.
  • Choose Import Export Tools and Import MBOX file option.
  • Browse the MBOX file from the saved location and click on the OK button.
  • Now re-open Thunderbird and check all imported messages in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Select some messages of imported MBOX file and go to the File menu
  • Save selected messages as an option and go with the PDF option.
  • Choose a location and click on the OK button.

Note – The above-mentioned manual method is not safe & exact for large mails migration databases for saving in PDF. It is a lengthy method so takes lots of users’ important time. Thunderbird installation is required for the migration. Sometimes, it fails and doesn’t provide exact migration results after migration. If you have a few MBOX emails for migration to PDF then you try it but are not completely successful in every condition & time.

MBOX Convert to PDF with Automated Solution

If you have a large Thunderbird mails database for migration to PDF and don’t want to go with the above-mentioned explained manual method then you can go with that can simply convert MBOX files in PDF. It is developed with an advanced, simple & safe process that provides exact migration outcomes. It enables to convert all MBOX files in PDF at once and save your time from single processing. It can convert MBOX files into PDF with Attachments and other mail components – metadata, formatting, images, hyperlinks, etc. It supports MBOX files of all supported mails clients/ Webmail apps – Thunderbird, Mac Mail, PocoMail, Entourage, Horde Webmail, PowerMail, OperaMail, SeaMonkey, Eudora, Gmail, Postbox, Spicebird, etc. It also supports the ‘Convert Attachments as PDF’ option to save MBOX emails and their attachments in PDF without missing any details. If you want to know how its works then follow the given steps –

  • Download the MBOX migration tool on your desktop screen.
  • Select MBOX files by provided two options – Select Files… & Select Folder.
  • Then Tick on the ‘Convert Attachments as PDF’ option if you want to save MBOX emails & attachments in PDF without missing any detail.
  • Choose any File Naming option from providing multiple file naming options.
  • Click on the Convert button & choose a location to start the migration process.
  • Conversion starts with a green progress status bar and completes with a complete message.

After downloading MBOX migration tool, you can convert 25 emails from selected MBOX file in PDF at free of cost. It helps to evaluate its efficiency and know-how to convert MBOX file as PDF.  Now you are capable to try both explained solutions and the know-how to convert, migrate & export MBOX file in PDF.

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