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We all love being healthy, fit, and in shape. But some say health comes with bad flavors and a lot of restrictions! They say in the journey from fat to fit; you need to kill your lovely taste buds and make them go through a nightmare. Well, Eco Valley Natural Green Tea is here to prove it all wrong. This one brings for you the perfect combination of fitness with the finest expertise, and greatest composition to make you taste the best of Nilgiris. This one is a formula that offers you the taste of green tea leaves that are picked from the Nilgiris. Eco Valley Natural Green Tea presents to you ‘the fitter choice.’ We all know that the journey to fitness starts from a number of small and big steps we make. One such step is to leave off the regular tea habit and opt for a smarter alternative that keeps us healthy, fit, and full of energy! That’s exactly what Eco Valley Natural Green Tea brings for you. It helps in keeping your diet nutritive and also provides you with the zest to undertake your strengthful workout.

Eco Valley Natural Green Tea is a completely natural drink that combines with zero-calorie promise. Green Tea is an ingredient that’s known to be rich in Catechins. These help in improving metabolism in the body and reduce belly fat, thus helping in reducing the waist circumference. Opting for green tea and drinking it as a part of your everyday, regular diet largely helps in keeping a healthy and active lifestyle and makes your body fit and healthy. Let’s dive right into all the benefits that this amazing formulation offers!

Eco Valley Natural Green Tea imparts a number of health benefits. It helps in weight management. It helps in getting your body started on the journey from fat-to-fit. It also helps in losing the belly weight and the bulge around the waist. It helps in keeping the body toxin-free. It helps in purifying the blood and the body and keeps the germs and impurities away.

Eco Valley Natural Green Tea also helps a lot with bodily functions. It imparts all the nutrients required to keep your skin in good health and shape. It helps with digestion and improves your bowel movements. It promotes better digestion and keeps stomach disorders at bay.

Why Green Tea?

While we are all aware of the weight-reducing properties of Green Tea, it also helps in purifying the body and keeps your body purified. It helps in detoxification of the body and flushes out all the unwanted toxins. It consists of healthy bioactive compounds that help with a number of nutritive benefits. It is rich in antioxidants that help in keeping the best health. It also helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Green Tea works great for the skin as well as the hair. It helps in clearing the skin and keeps the acne, aging signs, and pigmentation at bay, and imparts a youthful, radiant glow. It also helps in adding shine and luster to the skin. Green Tea keeps the scalp in good health and nourishes it deeply. This helps in eliminating scalp conditions such as dandruff. It helps in keeping the tresses moisturized and prevents hair fall. It strengthens the hair follicles, that prevents split ends and hair breakage. Overall, Green Tea works as a great ingredient in imparting good health.

What is EGCG?

Eco Valley Natural Green Tea consists of EGCG that stands for epigallocatechin. It is a naturally occurring plant compound that is most commonly found in Green Tea. It consists of a number of rich antioxidants that help in neutralizing the effect of free radicals in the body. These antioxidants help in supporting a healthy heart and also aid in reducing inflammation in the body. EGCG provides a better and stronger immune system and metabolism that keeps your body miles away from infections and diseases. It promotes increased energy, builds and boosts stamina, and also helps in imparting the thermogenesis effect while aiding in fast weight loss in the body.


Organic green tea from Nilgiris

Eco Valley sources completely organic green tea leaves from the Nilgiri Hills that are located 8000 ft above the ground level. Cutting out any chemical usage, this green tea is completely organic and consists of natural flavors. Eco Valley Natural Green Tea is highly rich and soft in taste. This makes it the one drink that brings a healthy lifestyle and tastes together for you, brewed in a cup!

Non-bleached filter paper & staple-free tea bags

Eco Valley Green Teabags are made up of non-bleached filter paper and are completely staple free. This ensures that the health and taste of tea are not harmed while putting them in the formula of a teabag.

95% natural and unflavored 

Love the taste and benefits of nature? Eco Valley Natural Green Tea brings it for you at your comfort. This one is 95% natural and consists of fresh and top-notch Green Tea with all of its benefits. It is 100% organic. Eco Valley Natural Green Tea is also completely unflavored. It eliminates any added flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or sweeteners. It brings only the purest form of nature for you in the form of a safe to consumer formula made with expertise.

No calories 

With zero calories and no sweeteners, Green Tea becomes the next best alternative for an aromatic water intake that combines a number of other benefits. It is brewed, unsweetened, and acts as a great drink to meet your daily required fluid intake. Bored of drinking gallons of water to reach up to the desired intake? Have a cup of Eco Valley Natural Green Tea instead.

Improves digestion

This formula also helps in improving the digestion system and provides better metabolism. The junk food fits in our lifestyles very well, but it can have an adverse effect on our body and its functioning. Eco Valley Natural Green Tea takes the role here. It helps in promoting the digestion of junk food and helps in cleansing the stomach. This helps in fastening up the process of digestion and flushes out the toxins from the body, keeping you healthy and in shape.

Refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy 

Eco Valley Natural Green Tea is brimmed with the soothing and calming aroma of Green Tea picked from the Nilgiris. It instantly refreshes the body and imparts great aromatherapy benefits. It helps in energizing the mind during work and helps in soothing and putting it to sleep during the night. This helps in calming the senses and alleviating stress. It keeps your mind focused and calm. Thus Eco Valley Natural Green Tea not only provides good taste with health benefits, but it also keeps your emotions balanced and keeps you at peace always so you can think better.

How to brew?

Green tea has a unique non-bitter flavor and must be brewed correctly and for the right amount of time. Many people wrongly think that green tea has a bitter taste. This is usually caused by over brewing, which compromises the flavor. You need to follow the correct steps and brew it right, and it’s sure to taste mesmerizing!


Place an Eco Valley Natural Green Tea in a cup

Pour freshly boiled water into the cup

Dip the tea bag into the cup a few times

Allow it to infuse in hot water for 1-2 mins 

Enjoy your freshly brewed cup of hot and refreshing green tea sourced from the Nilgiris

You can also refrigerate it to have a sip of chilled green tea

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