Is it Really Safe to do Yoga and Exercise in Pregnancy? Gynaec Clinic In Navi Mumbai

Is it Really Safe to do Yoga and Exercise gynecologist in vashi

The most joyful and exciting experience in a woman’s life is pregnancy. And, unless you are dealing with any complications, there’s nothing that should stop you from practicing what you love. Gynecologists in Vashi recommend regular exercise for pregnant women. They also suggest prenatal yoga, with some precautions.

It is important that you take care of your physical health and stay active during this time. Of course, we aren’t asking you to lift weights or perform strenuous exercises. That should be avoided. But you must know that you can practice yoga and light exercises safely during pregnancy, and if you are struggling with the right poses, you can join yoga classes for pregnant women.

Precautions to Take When Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy

Contrary to what people believe, yoga isn’t limited to twisting and turning poses. If it is practiced in the right way, then there is no doubt that yoga can prove to be the most beneficial exercise for your health. The major benefit of yoga is that it promotes a feeling of relaxation. Physical, as well as mental, stress is not uncommon during pregnancy.

Many pregnant ladies practice prenatal yoga for normal delivery. That’s one of the reasons why you must have seen women in their last trimesters joining yoga classes. It helps them release the stress during labor and delivery. While yoga and light exercise are absolutely safe for pregnant women, there are a few precautions you must not miss. Let’s take a look:

  • You can join prenatal yoga classes, but make sure you inform the instructor that you are pregnant. You must also tell them the trimester you are in.
  • After the second trimester, you will notice some major changes in your body, one of which is the change in your body’s center of gravity. When that happens, you must avoid certain poses that involve balancing your toes, or if you are performing them, consider using some support.
  • The pelvis must be in a neutral state throughout your yoga practice, especially when you are practicing abdominal exercises.
  • Avoid deep twists and any sudden turn that could put pressure on your bump or pelvis. It is best to consult Dr. Uday Thanawala before trying yoga and exercises.

The Best Time to Practice Yoga

If you are trying yoga and exercises for the first time, then you must talk to a specialist before getting started. The first three months are critical, and this is the period when the chances of miscarriage are incredibly high.

The baby bump might not be visible in the first trimester, but that doesn’t mean you could practice any pose or try new exercises. In fact, you should avoid yoga and any exercise in the first trimester. If you really want to practice yoga during pregnancy, then you must visit the best maternity hospital in Navi Mumbai and get the approval of your gynecologist before going ahead with the postures.

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