Why Online Reviews Are Essential For Restaurants

Suppose one wants to have a pizza for their lunch; what will be the most critical factor that would determine the selection of the restaurant other than distance and pricing? It will be the reviews. Reviews not only help the customers to know the overall quality of the eatery but also help them to determine whether it is worth spending money or not.


Due to the ease of the internet, customers have this facility to check for reviews for any particular restaurant. Review platforms like Google reviews, Yelp, and more now stand as one of the prominent platforms for customers to check for reviews. And to make life easier for customers, brands have started using tools such as Google review widget, Yelp review widgets, etc., that helps them to showcase these reviews on their respective websites. Moreover, many brands have also started implementing the strategy to embed Google reviews, yelp reviews, and more on their respective websites. And there are various reasons why brands consider consumer reviews a vital element of their business. And here are a few of the handpicked reasons why online reviews are essential for restaurants.

Importance of Online Reviews for Restaurants

According to Tripadvisor, ​​94% of diners in the US are directly influenced by online reviews when deciding on a restaurant. And this phenom works worldwide with some notable figures such as France at 90%, Spain at 91% and Italy at 93%. In simple words, reviews are essential for the restaurant. Some of the major reasons why we call them crucial for businesses are:

a). Online reviews can be termed the best marketing tool

We all know the impact of online reviews on the minds of consumers. According to a study, 9 out of 10 customers look for reviews online before making a purchase decision. In simple words, reviews can do wonders for the business. People tend to trust the views of completely stranger on the internet and make their purchase decisions.


Online reviews have such an influence so that one can use them as a marketing tool. You can consider online reviews as an advertisement for your brand. And the best part is you don’t even have to pay for it. You just need to provide excellent services to your customers, and your reviews will speak for themselves, helping you to get better brand recognition.

b). Favorable reviews help you in reaching business goals

It is not rocket science to understand that positive reviews can hugely impact your business. According to a study by professors Michael Anderson and Jeremy Magruder, economists at the University of California, Berkeley, a restaurant whose rating improved by half a star experienced an increase in its bookings at peak dining hours from 30% to 49%.


While conducting the surveys, the economists ensured that there weren’t any changes in the quality of the food, its price, or the service. Which simply concludes that the only reason the bookings increased was the online reviews?

c). Reviews help the restaurant to get a market recognition

In this age of the internet, people mainly discover restaurants online. They might find your restaurant, but if it has no reviews, then they might not risk paying a visit.


While on the other hand, if a restaurant has ample reviews, consumers not only would like to read them, but these reviews put the restaurant on the map. That means restaurants can gain market distinction with the help of reviews.

d). Helps you to know the customer response of your restaurant

The best way to know about your product or service is by having consumer feedback. Reviews can be positive or negative for your brand, but in either case, you get to know the reception of your restaurant. That means you get to know the consumers’ opinions. Positive reviews work as appreciation; while you might prefer to keep negative reviews as far as possible but, negative reviews help you to know if there is any problem.


And by acknowledging negative reviews and solving consumer problems, you can have a good reputation in the market, and there might be chances that the perception of consumers with negative reviews will change.

e). Assist in building a market reputation

Reviews can help consumers to make their decision and helps you to understand what consumer wants. And when you reply to the reviews, it shows that your brand is transparent. That means you acknowledge these reviews and also provide responses.


You can even choose to display these reviews on your website if you have any. Considering its popularity and reliability Google reviews are the major review platform. You can opt to embed Google review widget on website, and flaunt your positive reviews in front of your website visitors. Moreover, it encourages other users to post reviews and enjoy the limelight on the website. Also, it works as social proof helping you establish credibility in the market.

Summing It Up

We all know that reviews have a significant impact on business. And due to the ease in the usage of the internet and various options available in the market, reviews can make or break your business. The pointers mentioned above are some of the primary reasons why online reviews are essential for restaurant business. You can extract maximum benefits from these platforms by using widgets such as Google review widget, yelp review widget, and more.


So what are you waiting for?


Enjoy the benefits of reviews and take your business to new heights.


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