What Are The Pros And Cons Of Electric Shaving?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of women's electric shaver

It’s 2022, and people are running so fast for their work, having no time for essential grooming needs. Reducing this crucial period with new technology and significant advancement is a big challenge. Still, various brands are launching their products to fulfill the grooming needs of both men and women. So, we are going to discuss today an interesting grooming tool named “women’s electric shaver”.

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We initially heard about the best electric shaver for women in the year dated back in 2015, an early stage of this exciting device which is quite popular nowadays. In the beginning, it was not come with such prominent features and also not as good as nowadays. Various brands started using new technology and advancement to hit user needs with proper research and online campaign with the time change.

Many brands are available in the market that offers women’s electric shaver with two categories (Foil and Rotary) such as Braun Series, Philips, Skullshavers, Panasonic, etc. An electric shaver comes with both foil and rotary shaving techniques. Both electric shavers have some pros and cons, which depend on the user’s needs. But it is also quite essential to know the various factors which make it more valuable than a regular razor. If we talk about the time and shaving experience, then you will find that the shaving experience with the best electric shavers in India is quite impressive, having just in quick time. Apart from that, users can get smooth and delicate skin without any nick and cuts, which is an exciting factor about the device. But before buying, we must need to consider some of the points based on its features like whether the device is rotary or foil battery backup, quick charge function, gadget kit of the device like combs, etc.

Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of electric shaving.


  • The primary thing which a user first notices in an women’s electric shaver is the speed. After polling in regular razor v/s electric shaver, we found that 70% of the consumer-voted for the electric shaver means that the electric shaver is the clear winner in speed. That is why brands like Braun, Philips, and Skullshavers highlight the device’s motor speed to entice the users.
  • Initially, electric shavers came for dry shaving, but nowadays, it also works for wet shaving, so we can say it may help us shave in both environments without using a foam or gel.
  • An electric shaver is a portable device that you can carry with you while traveling or in picnic spots.


  • The main issue with an women’s electric shaver is its cost. We all know that the regular razor, which comes at a maximum price of 200INR. On the other hand, the minimum charge of buying an electric shaver is around 7000INR, which is far above that of a regular razor.
  • Some users may feel that if we compare the close shave experience, a regular or wet razor may win instead of an women’s electric shaver. Still, some think that an electric shaver may also offer the close shave as wet.
  • The third issue is related to the battery backup of not more than 20 minutes. Some brands guarantee to offer battery backup up to 45 minutes, which does not look realistic on the ground.

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