Tips for raising a child alone

Raising a child is a pretty stressful task. Above that, if you are a single parent the pressure can be real. It is important to identify the challenges, work out the solutions and find the balance between taking care of yourself and nurturing your child.

What are some of the common challenges faced by single parents?

  1. As we discussed, raising a child is a difficult and challenging task. When you do not have a partner, the stakes become higher. If you are a single parent, you have full responsibility for all the day-to-day aspects of your child care
  2. Single parenting can result in additional pressure, stress and fatigue. If and when you are too worn out with the tasks and tried to take care of your child, or you are distracted and emotionally unavailable to discipline your child, behavioral problems can take place
  3. Single-parent families also have comparatively lower incomes and less access to proper healthcare facilities. Juggling between your child’s priorities and your work can be pretty stressful and may lead to financial problems along with social isolation. You might also be worried about the lack of a male or female parental role model in your child’s life.

The positive strategies

  • Shower your child with love

Remember to make the most out of the limited time you have with your child. Praise your little one for all her achievements, push her to do bigger and better things in life. Teach her the importance of doing good to others and also teach her to take care of her own self. Charity begins at home so it’s important that you make your child learn the importance of love. Give her all the unconditional love. You need to be your child’s biggest cheerleader. She needs to know that you have her back always, through thick and thin. Support her in all her aspirations, dreams and choices. Make sure to take out time to play with her, read to her or just simply sit with your child and watch TV

  • Create a routine

Routines and schedules are always very important. You should always have a proper routine for your child. This makes them disciplined and also helps them in the future. Making a routine for your child forms the initial steps of teaching them time management skills. Make a structure for your child that they can follow even while you are at work. Fix a defined time for scheduled meals and bedtime routines. This helps your child in understanding what needs to happen when. It helps them in expecting things and also trains them to behave in a certain manner and handle things while you are not around

  • Quality child care is important

If you are a working parent then childcare comes in the picture. It is important to find good quality childcare that looks after your kid’s needs and requirements while you are away from her. You need to look for and hire a qualified childcare provider and caregiver who can provide stimulation in a safe and sound environment. Do not rely on your or any other older child as your child’s sole caregiver. Also, be careful while asking a new friend or partner for looking after your child. The safety of your child is beyond anything and everything else

  • You are not supposed to feel guilty

You might often catch your child in positions where you don’t want them to. They might speak disrespectfully with a teacher at school or simply get into a fight with their peers. This is not your fault. You do not have to beat yourself up and feel guilty about it. At the same time, it is also not good to spoil your child for being a single parent. You need to take care of yourself and look out for yourself. Include a physical exercise in your daily routine, go on walks, eat healthily and give yourself a good sleep. Find and arrange for activities that you like with your friends or alone. Give yourself some self-care time

  • Positivity is the key

You and your child might not always get along very well. You will have fights and your child might throw tantrums at you as well. It is okay to be honest with your child if and when you are having a difficult time in your life. But also remind yourself and your child that things will get better sooner or later. Along with this, also give your child an age-appropriate level of responsibility that keeps them engaged and makes them disciplined. Do not simply expect your child to ‘behave like an adult.’ Sense of humour is also important in dealing with ay-to-day challenges

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