10 Creative Packaging Ideas Everyone Should Try

A product can look unattractive and dull just because of its packaging. Packaging is one of the essential factors in the sale of a product. You should package your product creatively, and the minds behind it must think out of the box to design the packaging.

Buyers want to have a fantastic experience with your product. From unboxing to consuming, everything should be a work of art.

Without proper packaging, a product may not meet the customers’ satisfaction level and eventually fail in the market.

And with so many competitors in the market, your product should stand out amongst them.

Let’s talk about some of the most creative packaging ideas people can use:

  1. Bird shaped tissue boxes

Instead of the traditional rectangular tissue boxes, you can use Custom Chipboard Boxes that looks like a bird is a very catchy idea to grab customers’ attention. You can pull out a tissue from the tail end of the box just like a bird’s feather comes off.

Also, you can print a bird on a small box and pull out tissues by opening the wing on the bird’s tail. To keep the tissues clean, close simply close the wing.

This idea will give ’tissues as soft a bird’s feather’ a whole new dimension.

  1. Pasta in the tummy

This packaging idea is so catchy you’ll crave for pasta as soon as you spot the box on the supermarket shelf. This idea involves a rectangular box with a man printed on it with his stomach filled with pasta. There is a plastic attached in front of the box showing the pasta like as if it’s in the man’s tummy.

You can use this idea for other edibles too.

  1. Butcher meats

This idea is similar to the previous one, but there is one big additional feature. You can see the meat ‘inside’ the animal, which gives a clear picture of its type. Display the meat inside the animal with plastic covering. But the difference is that if its beef, put a picture of a cow, and if it is chicken meat, then a chicken can be printed on the box

This idea is impressive because it gives the person a clear idea of which meat is in the box. Even small kids would know what kind of meat their parents are buying just by looking at the packaging.

  1. Cupcakes inside ovens

If you know anything about baking, you will be aware that cakes are associated with ovens. If you package a cupcake inside a small oven-like box, it’s going to do magic for you.

Just like an oven, you can open the front and enjoy that ‘fresh’ cupcake.

To grab people’s attention, use these creative ideas that, eventually, bring you more customers and higher profits.

  1. Vitamin Boxes

You can package vitamin tablets and capsules in cute little boxes. Pull out the inner part of the box to discover the small, attractive pills. These boxes can take attractiveness to a whole new level with fruits or animals printed on the top of a light colored box of Corrugated Point Of Purchase Displays.

These vitamin capsules are usually orange in color, so similar light colors will do the trick for you.

  1. Tie on a suit

A jacket over a white shirt can be printed on a box with a tie. But the tie is not a fictional character here. You can package the tie in a way that shows an actual person wearing the tie.

The black-tie gets an appealing effect on the white shirt. The jacket on top is the icing on the cake.

The best part about this packaging is that it gives an eye-catching look

  1. Gift boxes with ribbons

You can give presents to your loved ones or friends in gift boxes. But you cannot hand over the gift without any packaging.

If you plan to gift something to someone, the presentation and packaging should be appealing. And well, the use of a ribbon on the boxes can make the overall look simply unforgettable.

You can wrap a ribbon around a rectangular, square, or even a pillow box. The process of untying the ribbon knot is one of the best feelings in the world.

  1. Hair gel

People use gel to style up their hair. So, there should be something hairy in the packaging too. One way is to print a person with a trendy hairstyle on the box of the gel. But there are many kinds of hair gel. And so, the companies use different colors or packaging for each type.

You can print faces with different hairstyles on the box and maybe even use different colors.

As a result, your customer will get attracted to the hairstyle because that is what they want.

  1. Washing power inside machine

People get attracted to a product if it’s in a large quantity and at a low price. So, a washing-machine shaped box with a round plastic window on the front showing washing powder is the perfect packaging for it. But the powder should be on the penthouse of the machine. Also, the color of the box can be white as most washing machines are white.

The powder level in the box should be near to full to give the product that full feeling.

  • Stuff toys stuffed in little boxes.

Stuff toys are adorable. So why can’t their packaging design be just as cute? One of the best packaging ideas for small stuff toys is putting them in small boxes with their head peeping out from a window. Kids are going to love this idea because they can feel the head of the toy before purchase.

The box of these toys can be of any color, but the design must grab the children’s sight at first glance only!

In a nutshell

Nobody likes a poor unboxing or unpacking experience. While the quality of the product affects the sale of the product, its packaging plays a vital role too. And so, thinking outside the box for your product’s packaging will do wonders for you.

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