Modern furniture is all about subtlety and minimalism. It is no longer synonymous with extravagant and over-the-top elements that unnecessarily take up a lot of space and sit in your house while grabbing all the extra and rather unwanted attention. The best thing about the modern furniture trends is how readily available they are in any furniture shop in Delhi. With the growing demand in these trends, the furniture markets are ready for the supply and have upgraded their collection with futuristic and stylish furniture sets that are relatively inexpensive and scarcely available at online and offline stores in the country. But how do we know what are the best trends to get behind and incorporate into our lifestyles that will set us apart from the crowd? Well, here are a few furniture trends that will make you stand out and level up your living rooms, balconies, and bedrooms:

1. Minimalism: Let alone furniture, every other aspect of our life has resorted to minimalism. So, ditch your ancient and old-fashioned beds and couches that sit there, reminding you of the imperial era. Be it dining tables, chairs, beds, or even lampstands- the sleek and subtle they are, the better. They not only let go of the extra unwanted attention but let the other elements speak as well. You can pair this with decorative walls and art pieces that complement the austere style of your furniture. Some of the best furniture stores in India provide you with a huge range of styles that you can play with.

2. Colour blocking: If you play with colors just the right way, you can have a lot of fun with color blocking. It is all about experimenting with different aesthetics clubbed together. Throw on a turquoise cushion over a grey wood resting chair and give it a youthful touch. You can try a combination of primary colors that stand out and give a twist to your rather monotonous furniture styles. These bold color combinations funk up your space with just the right amount of spice and drama that it requires.

3. Compact furniture styles: We might want to throw in tables and chairs, with cabinets and other décor to our living rooms and honestly, making space for all that we want could be a challenge. Hence, the sensible-most decision is to resort to compact and compatible furniture. Rather than having sectional, chesterfield, or camelback sofas that take up a huge space in your living room, you can opt for a settee or trendy armchairs that elevate the vibe of the area instantly. Leg rests and small round tables are the way to go to minimise space wastage. A huge number of furniture shops in Delhi offer a wide range of these furniture sets that come in compact sizes. You can experiment with different styles and categories like incorporating leg rests and stools etc.

4. Utility furniture: The more use a piece of furniture has, the better it is. Even in other aspects like fashion, utility wear has gained popularity. People want to make full and optimal use of their resources. If a closet has more chests and drawers, it will contain more stuff and naturally declutter the space otherwise used for that extra bit. It honestly is the wise way to go about it. It is also more organised and efficient than usual. You can get some superbly fancy side cabinets and closets with great storage capacities at the furniture shops in Delhi and even at some online stores. They are especially useful for kitchen and bathroom storage spaces. These cabinets do not necessarily have to be big or over the top in size. They can also have minimal design and come in compatible sizes.

5. Futuristic design: This style of furniture is a very modern and progressive trend. The sooner you hop onto this, the more you can experiment with the styles available. Geometric tables and chairs are very high in demand. They come in all shapes and styles to suit your needs. Some of the best furniture shops in India have the latest trendy cross-legged chairs that we wouldn’t have even thought of a few years ago. But it is 2021, and the famously talked about ‘future’ is here. You can pair these chairs and beds with neon cushions and spreads which are also very in right now. They have a very space-age vibe that will go with the geometric pattern of furniture and add just the right amount of spice that it needs.

These are some of the latest trends that you can follow to give your house just the right upliftment that it needs. The good thing about these trends is that they are also inexpensive. Nowadays you don’t have to spend a fortune on frivolous items that may otherwise have taken a lot out of your pocket. These are readily available at any common furniture store in India. With rising demands, the supply is also mounting up. These fads are globally taking over the furniture industry and India is not behind. As a nation, we were quick to pace up and match our footsteps with the world in keeping up with these inclinations. Even a small piece of furniture like a side table, adds a lot of character into the space it is put in. It is up to us to characterise our homes just the way we want. Every nook narrates a story and these elements add up to that narration. If you want to make a statement without being loud or in the face, you can go for subtle and minimal styles, coordinating them with the colour of your walls and window panels. If you want to have a very pop vibe, you can play with neon and geometric furniture. On the other hand, if you want more breathing space, you can opt for compact and utility furniture styles. They leave you with a lot of space that you can use for other purposes.

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