Heard of the term Kitchen Joinery? A detailed overview

Ever wondered why your readymade kitchen cabinetry is gives you the feeling of missing something. The right kitchen joinery includes all those items that are fixed, joined, or assembled to make a kitchen structure more functional. Kitchen joinery is mostly an integral part of the structure and it makes your life easier. It is not to be mixed up with the work of a carpenter, as joinery includes all those functional elements that can make a kitchen work faster.

Most common types of joinery

Kitchen Joinery is an integral part of any cabinets, frames, and doors that you see in your kitchen. This seems to be smaller parts of your cabinetry but without these your cabinets or doors of the cabinets might not function appropriately. You can use the DIY methods and apply various designs of the joinery. Timber products, doors of the cabinet made of timber, timber or plastic frames etc. are some of the examples from a joinery collection that you can make use of. Butt Joint is the one without much complexity

  • Birdsmouth joint has the complex cuts and used to provide higher bearing technique.
  • Dovetail is the most common one you will ever notice as this is known as enormously strong one
  • Lap joint is named like this due to the overlapping design and it is used where you need an extension
  • Pocket Cut joint is designed is such a way that it remains open in two of the dimensions
  • Tongue and Fork are as special as the name
  • Shoulder joint comes with the capacity of carrying load and that depicts the name of the joint.

Top Benefits of owning Kitchen Joinery

Shifting to a new place is definitely a huge task and designing your kitchen from the scratch will add up to making your life more difficult. Having kitchen joinery in your home is like blessing as you know what portion of your kitchen will have cupboards, cabinets and sitting area.

Space saving furniture and equipment like kitchen joinery changes the look of your home.  Do you love to keep your room clutter free? Then this is going to be your boon.

Installing and using kitchen equipment comes with an additional responsibility of cleaning and having proper maintenance of the kitchen. Having this boon can make your cleaning and maintenance task easier.

Who does not love customization and joinery gives you the liberty to design your kitchen your own way. You can match your aesthetic by designing and making small variations in the kitchen cabinets or space of your kitchen.

To ensure that your kitchen joinery is more durable, you need the right material to build those. How to choose the right material for your joinery is a question that bothers everyone. All you need is to identify the appropriate style, budget, and the requirement. Here are some materials from which you can choose what you need.

  • Timber material comes with many benefits and durability is primary one. The finish that this material provides reflects less amount of dirt in your kitchen.
  • Using laminates for your kitchen can give advantage of being modern yet come with benefit of long-lasting finish.
  • Plywood, hardwood, and engineered woods are some of the varieties that you can use to get the much-awaited durability that you always want for your kitchen.

Choosing right material and knowledge of using the kitchen joinery to fit your kitchen cabinets can help reducing your stress of replacing your kitchen cabinet frequently. There are various kinds of joinery and fitting that you can find in the market and out of these, timber is never out of style. You can always go for innovative designs and templates with wooden fixtures with timber.

Whom to call a carpenter or a joiner?

If you are confused about whom to call when you are renovating or making your kitchen, trust me you are not alone. A carpenter will always be a wise choice if you have decided on the cabinets, doors, paints and appliances. Whereas a joiner will start their work retrospectively, they start from manufacturing of the products you need to build your kitchen like cabinet doors, frame and you can ask them to customise these as per your need.

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