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We are manufacturer and supplier of modular kitchen, curtain designs, blinds, cushions and many more. Our commitment to excellence and unparalleled design build trust between the designer and the client. Our professional and innovative designers give you a spread of options to choose from. Our designs give your space a contemporary and simple look that speaks for itself. Our professional experience guides you on each step of creating your desired living spaces.

While working with renowned architects, builders, hotels, and corporates, Fabhall has established a reputed hold in the field. To achieve the best outcome, our team works closely to understands the client’s vision and desires. We deliver superior quality products by using the best resources like world-class manufacturing, the latest technology, and designs.

Without worrying about safety, think about the perfect kitchen for yourself. We are using regular sanitizer, masks, gloves, and temperature checks to give you safe and worry-free services.

If you are looking for a small modular kitchen on a low budget, you are on the right platform. Well, we will guide you on how can you make your dream kitchen, not burning a hole in your pocket. We will tell you the practical ways of various space-saving and space-enlarging methods which will work for you.

The kitchen is one of the most used parts of any home. Everyone wants to enjoy cooking while spending time in it. We are here with different modular kitchen designs on a low budget, That will help you to optimize their own and get a glamorous kitchen. Every housewife would love to cooking when she gets well organized, easy-to-maintain kitchen. It has become the necessity of every housewife.

There are few ideas to make an amazing modular kitchen on a low budget:

  1. Convert Cabinets of Kitchen with Drawers

Cabinets can not store lots of things as drawers. Lots of money and space wasted in-store items in cabinets. We can organize all the content easily. All the content is easily accessible. One cupboard can organize 3-4 drawers.

  1. Cabinets should be smooth, modern & Efficient

Cabinets are the best and defining element for space. You want to give modern look then replace the heavy handles with slim and sleek handles. Tiny knobs or magnetic strips give your kitchen a larger look.

  1. Cabinets should be extended to the ceiling:

In the earlier times, Kitchen cabinets were not so long which will touch ceilings. Nowadays, if you have small cabinets and want to extend, then there are some methods to extend the cabinets and cover-up that space to fix a piece of plywood and attach it with nails. In this extended part, you can not store anything. If you want storage space, make some cubbies on the top of the cabinets. These cabinets reach the ceiling.

It is always difficult to clean that space above cabinets. Make new cupboards where you can store additional items.

  1. Design open stylish shelving

It is always cost-effective and easiest to create open shelves instead of cabinets. Open shelving creates a symmetrical and balanced feel. It is not only budget-friendly but also covers up space and opens up your walls, your kitchen becomes airier. On the other hand, closed cabinets make your kitchen jammed and engulfed.

  1. Use Reflective and Shiny material to increase the space

What works better than glass and mirrors to create the illusion of space. You can go for metallic finishing and install a backsplash using tiles and glass.

  1. Use different colors and textures

To given open look to your kitchen use different shades and textures of the color for your kitchen. Go with matte, glossy, and woody textures with colors like off-white, cream, ivory, and even grey. With the use of different shades and textures, your kitchen looks more spacious and beautiful. To give expansive look without any obstruction, choose one color family. If you would love 2-3 color variations go for neutral backdrops with brighter colors.

  1. Choose open kitchen design or layout

The open kitchen is ideal for small areas. It is an open area without walls and barriers. This space is visible to all. It shows your creativity and décor style. An open kitchen is a good idea for those that are small. This space flows into the adjoining room naturally. It creates s sense of informality and a friendly ambiance. All family members can create a bond with each other. An open area gives a more spacious layout and allows more members to work at the same time. It creates wonderful vibes in the home, you interact with all the family members while working in the kitchen.

  1. Make dining area & Bar in the corner

If you have a small house, you do not have enough space for a dining room. The easiest way to add two stools and chairs to the peninsula or bar. If you want a perfect bar where you can sit and have a drink with your friends and want sophisticated conversation. Corner space is the best space. It gives a contemporary style.

  1. Go with a smart Kitchen & creative storage options

When you hear about smart homes, smart kitchen and smart devices, the first thing comes in your mind that it is something which is connected with internet and wifi. Smart devices are controlled remotely. When it comes to a kitchen, smart gadgets can make your life easier. There are some appliances which perform double duty like oven-cum- microwave. These appliances are used for multi-purpose. Opt cutlery hook, pot racks, and magnetic knife strips to store maximum appliances

  1. Imbue life through Plants

Last but not least, there is a simple idea, decorate your space with house plants and herbs. A little dose of green plants will add freshness and color to your life.

Fabhall is a modular kitchen manufacturer. Our aim to provide the best quality modular kitchen at affordable rates. We are no.1 supplier of modular kitchen and provide warranty of 10 years. As time has changed people are so much concerned about interior design. We have different layouts of modular kitchens like L-shaped, u-shaped parallel, G-shaped, Gallery Kitchen, and straight-line kitchen. L-shape is the most efficient layout for modular homes. L-shaped kitchens are interconnected with 2 different walls. You do not have to walk too far to reach different shelves to prepare food. It saves a lot of time and energy. In the U-shaped kitchen layout, 3 walls are lined with cabinets. G- shape is the layout that makes the room spacious and opens up the walls to a nearby room. It is the altered version of the L-shape and U-shape kitchen. A straight line kitchen is very useful for them where space is very limited. It is ideal for them where cooking and entertainment are a low priority. A galley kitchen has made in a narrow space that has counters on either side of a central walkaway. It is really easy to design.

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