What Makes An Effective Graphic Design?

Graphics say a lot, with a picture you can convey a message that hundreads of words can’t. That is why sucessful graphic designers are the one who focus on thier art of spekaing it all through the designs more then anything else. Top Graphics Designer Abu Dhabi, New York,  Mumbai, or anywhere else in the world are driven by sense of purpose in their work.

Have you ever thought about what an effective graphic is or what are things that make a graphic look effective? Well if you ever thought of that then surely you can get the answer for that as you have landed on the page. As the title of our blog says it we would look into the elemnts that make a graphic design look effective.

The Plan

Yes, its true that you use your digital tools on the computer or laptop to build a design but the planning is still off the system. What we mean that the planning and design of a graphic starts on paper and most of the famous and sucessful graphic designers create a plan based on the purpose for which they have to create the graphic. Further they create few rough sektches and then get a clarity as to what is to be presented to the audience. This clarity of thought lies at the core of the design.

Simple And Effective

The best and most effective graphics use the principle of simplisty is the ultimate sophastication. You see any logo of a popular brand or graphic work of some prominnet designer. What they do is bring out the message in a simple manner without going for the lust of looking fancy and appealing. The overt fancy look or putting too much at one place has few takers and is a sign of lack of artistic sense or understanding.

Use Of Color 

The way colors are used in the graphics can make or break the entire essence of it. If your purpose is to soothe the viewers then going by a bold color scheme something that shouts itself loud is not cool. Colors have their importance and are associated with human psychology. Colors like red are known to attract and create a sense of urgency among the viewers. That is why you would see the use of red in advertisements that want a say hurry sale is over till stocks last or something like that. Thus, the wise use of color is also a part of effective design.


This is something that those with a certain amount of experience in the domain understand better. Consistency of the design with the overall color pattern, theme and the message it wants to convey is very important. An inconsistent design would be pleasing irrespective of the fact that how artistically it has been done.  The element of consistency comes from point one that we discussed which is planning. The rough sketches and the plan at the start gives you an idea of how consistent the design looks. Changes made there can go a long way in making the final design effective.


The efficacy of a design is what puts many things together. As per what we discussed here from plan to color each and every step adds to the efficacy of the design. A graphic designer who understands that is usually at ease because the idea is clear and that is what he/she reflects. If we sum up in a simple way then what we define as an effective design is first created in the mind of the designer and is then actualized.

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