Understanding Hybrid Exhibits

Hybrid events are the latest format for organising an event. Earlier events were usually hosted physically. And only a few events were organised virtually. However, last year, we saw a significant shift in the event industry. When the event organisers prefered virtual events over physical ones. And this due to the strict regulation that didn’t allow social gatherings.  

Now that life is returning on track, people are going back to their old world. As a result, the physical events are expected to come back. But this time we are going to notice some differences. And the most significant of them will be the Hybrid events substituting the physical events. But what are hybrid events? Let’s find out. 

What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events are those events that combine physical and virtual events. These events host two different types of audiences instead of just one. The first one is the live audience that is presented physically at the venue. And the second type of audience is the virtual audience that is not present at the venue. 

Since there are two different audiences in a hybrid event, we can say that a hybrid event is a 2-in-1 event. And this makes them unique, paired with exclusive benefits. Also, Hybrid events offer the attendees with more choices to attend the event. One can choose to visit the event in person or virtually. And this option is limited to hybrid events only. 

To host a hybrid event, you need a hybrid event platform or hybrid event software. The hybrid event technology works similar to virtual event technology. It means you can also use a virtual event platform to host a Hybrid event. 

Now you must be thinking about which event can go hybrid? Or can you host your event hybrid? Let’s find the answer to these questions. 

Types of Hybrid events

Another thing that is common between hybrid event technology and virtual event technology is versatility. You can host any event in the hybrid form. For your reference, here is the list of some commonly organised hybrid events.  

  • Hybrid meetings
  • Hybrid product launches 
  • Hybrid conferences
  • Hybrid award shows
  • Hybrid exhibitions
  • Hybrid trade shows
  • Hybrid career/job fairs
  • Hybrid town halls
  • Hybrid AGMs

And more. The list is long and just keeps on growing. And this demonstrates the inclusivity of hybrid event technology. 

Today we are going to focus on only one event, Hybrid exhibits or hybrid exhibitions. But what are they?

What are Hybrid exhibits?

Hybrid exhibits are those exhibits that are part physical, part virtual. These exhibits are hosted in physical settings with physical audiences. But there are also virtual exhibitors and audiences along with their physical counterparts. 

A hybrid exhibit is a broad category of events. There can be Hybrid art exhibition, hybrid consumer exhibition or hybrid trade exhibition. And so on. But one thing that is common in all these events is the exhibitors. So with hybrid exhibits, you can have virtual exhibitors along with physical exhibitors. This will make your event more dynamic and inclusive. 

Now that you know what hybrid exhibits are. Let’s see how you can host one yourself. 

Steps to host a hybrid exhibits

  1. Identifying goals 

The first thing that you need to figure out is your goals. Find the answers to the questions, Why are you hosting this event? And What do you want to gain from the event? It will help in realising your goals. This will set the stage for creating the strategy for the event. 

  1. Planning the event 

Once you know what you want to achieve, you can proceed ahead with planning the event. You can begin with deciding the basic things about your event. This includes the date, time and duration of the event. Apart from this, you need to choose a few more things like the services and features required for your event. And estimate the number of attendees you can expect at your event. 

  1. Inviting exhibitors

Exhibitors are the most essential part of any exhibition. So you need to get as many exhibitors as possible. The high number of exhibitors will attract more people to your event. Since the event is hybrid, you can invite both physical exhibitors and virtual exhibitors. It will give the feel of diversity and uniqueness to your event. 

  1. Settling on the budget

Now that you have estimated the number of attendees and exhibitors at your event, you can start planning the budget for your event. You need to decide how much money you can spend on organising the event. Consider the total cost of arranging the event. And allocate the funds for each arrangement. 

  1. Booking the venue

After settling down on the number of attendees, exhibitors and budget, it’s time to book a venue for your exhibit. The size of the event venue will depend upon the number of physical exhibitors and attendees. So evaluate everything accordingly. 

  1. Getting the right platform 

Since you will also host virtual audiences and exhibitors, you need to get a hybrid event platform. But the question is, which platform is the right choice for your event? To select the hybrid event platform, you can create a list of features and services needed for your event. Compare this list with several platforms. And the platform which ticks all the boxes is the one to go with. 

Apart from this, you need to check audience engagement features, networking tools, security and support available on the platform. 

  1. Event promotion

Along with other arrangements, promoting the event is a crucial task. To get the attendees at your event, you need to market your event. And the best way to promote the event is using social media. 

For social media marketing, you need engaging content. And a strategy to make this content viral on social media. Also, you need to tailor your content according to a particular social media platform. 

Apart from this, you use other marketing channels to promote your event. 

  1. Rehearsals

The last step that is left in organising the hybrid exhibit is rehearsing the event. This will help you in multiple ways. You can check the arrangements for the event. And can test the platform selected by you for the event. Also, you can identify the possible issues. And if there are technical ones, ask for help from the support team of the platform provider. 

These are simple steps to host a hybrid exhibit. 

Tell us about your thoughts on a hybrid exhibit or any other hybrid event. Are you planning to host one?

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