The 5 Best IELTS Books for International Students

The 5 Best IELTS Books for International Students

Precisely what is IELTS?

English is the primary language in countries where the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is administered. It includes the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

The test will evaluate your listening, reading, writing, and communication skills in English. Each component of the test is evaluated from 1-9.

Cambridge Assessment English, the British Council, and IDP: IELTS Australia own IELTS.

Why should you take IELTS?

You must demonstrate a high level of English language competence if you want to work, reside, or study in an English-speaking nation.

With 379 million speakers globally, English is the third most spoken language globally.

Besides taking classes and working there, you’ll also have the opportunity to find a job and integrate into the community.

IELTS is the most popular test for people who want to go to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. It is recognized by over 11,000 businesses, colleges, schools, and immigration organizations worldwide, including 3,400 institutions in the United States. If you are living in Nagpur city and you want to migrate to an English-speaking foreign country then you should clear the IELTS exam. For the best preparation for IELTS, you should join the best IELTS coaching in Nagpur.


Description of the band score Skill level

9 Proficient users: The exam taker has complete knowledge of the language. Their usage of English is acceptable, correct, and fluent, demonstrating total comprehension.

8 Excellent users: The test taker has completed operational mastery of the language, with only minor mistakes and incorrect use. In new surroundings, they may misinterpret some things. They are adept at handling complex and comprehensive reasoning.

7 Excellent users: The test taker has operational mastery of the language, while there are occasional mistakes, incorrect usage, and misunderstandings in some settings. They are often adept at dealing with sophisticated language and comprehending elaborate logic.

6 Experienced users: Despite occasional mistakes, incorrect usage, and misconceptions, the test taker has an adequate grasp of the language. In familiar contexts, they can use and comprehend pretty complicated language.

5 Inconspicuous users: The test taker has a limited grasp of the language and can manage overall meaning in most instances, but they are likely to make several errors. They should be capable of handling essential communication in their profession.

4 Restrictive users: The fundamental competency of the exam taker is restricted to known settings. They usually have difficulties with comprehension and expression. They are unable to communicate in a complicated language.

3 Extremely restricted user: In relatively familiar scenarios, the test taker merely expresses and understands the generic meaning. Communication failures occur often.

2 Infrequent users: The exam taker has difficulty understanding both spoken and written English.

The test taker cannot utilize the language except for a few isolated words.

0 I did not take the test. The exam-taker did not respond to any of the questions.

We’ve compiled a list of the best IELTS prep books to assist you in better comprehending the subject covered on the exam and getting a high score.

We compiled a list of the best five IELTS preparation books with so many alternatives. While the list is not in any specific order, one of them may be more suitable for you than the rest.

Let’s get started!


  1. IELTS Superpack by Barron’s

Barron’s IELTS Superpack incorporates all of the required Barron’s IELTS resources into one compact bundle, hence the term super pack! This comprehensive four-book collection comprises the following titles:

Barron’s IELTS includes four academic modules practice examinations, and two general training module practice exams, as well as a thorough topic overview and access to online audio tracks.

IELTS Practice Tests with MP3 CD: Six academic modules practice exams, and six general training module practice exams with answer explanations, as well as online and CD access to audio content

IELTS Tactics & Tips with MP3 CD: Learn professional strategies for efficiently answering test questions and accessing audio material online and on CD.

IELTS Essential Words: Increase your vocabulary by studying the 600 words that occur most frequently on IELTS examinations, and gain access to audio on CD and online.

  1. The Cambridge Official IELTS Guide

Unlike other IELTS preparation materials, the Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS addresses both academic and general training. It provides guidance and ideas based on the experience of prior test-takers and straightforward explanations of how to earn high marks.

You may hone your skills by taking eight official practice exams and following step-by-step instructions for each component. Finally, audio and video will accompany all listening activities and practice examinations.

IELTS Practice Tests: Why You Should Take Them

  1. A book with audio responses for Cambridge IELTS 14 Academic

IELTS 14 Academic Student’s Book with Answers and Audio: Part of the Cambridge IELTS Academic Series Actual Practice Tests contains four authentic Cambridge Assessment English test papers. What is the advantage of this?

They are, in fact, identical to the actual thing. There are four complete examinations for academic applicants, an introduction to all modules and the general grading system, and a detailed part of solutions. As in other preparation books, students have access to downloaded audio for listening materials.

  1. IELTS Official Practice Materials

Official IELTS Practice Materials, created by official IELTS partners, explain how each component of the IELTS exam is scored and offer practical study recommendations. Students will receive practice exams that include both academic and general training components, answer sheets, tapescripts, typical examiner commentary, and other materials.

Official IELTS Practice Materials are helpful for students and teachers who assist students in preparing for the IELTS exam.

“How to Avoid 6 Common IELTS Mistakes”

  1. The Path to IELTS

There are practice papers, videos, and other interactive tasks in Road to IELTS, an interactive online course. You can choose from three options:

Download free IELTS practice papers to understand what the exam entails.

Last Minute is available for free to anyone registering for the IELTS exam through the British Council. It includes nine films with guidance and lessons, 100 interactive exercises, and two practice tests for each of the four abilities.

Everything you need to prepare for the IELTS exam is included in the complete edition. For $50, you get an entire online course with over 300 exercises and nine practice examinations. This edition also includes expert-created teaching videos and an assessment based on your practice test results.

How to Select the Most Appropriate IELTS Preparation Book for You

When choosing one of the different IELTS preparation books, think about what you want to acquire out of it. Some texts are broader, while others give academic training. Academic IELTS preparation books include far more material than general training books.

Another thing to remember is that selecting your reading material might assist you to avoid reading a dull book. Let’s face it: some IELTS books are simply less fascinating than others. Choosing something that interests you will assist you to avoid falling asleep while studying! It will also keep you motivated while you study for your exam.

Finally, try engaging with a tutor to prepare for the IELTS writing and speaking sections since they can give feedback that a book cannot. You may also take an online practice exam to get a decent idea of what to expect.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

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