iTop VPN Review: The Best Free VPN Service for 2023

iTop VPN Review: The Best Free VPN Service for 2023

iTop VPN is a secure VPN app which does protect your data. There is a strict no-logging policy and a kill switch in case your internet connection suddenly fails. Still, the iTop VPN fixes a lot of things. In this iTop VPN review, we’ll see what it can do, who it’s good for, and what’s missing.


There are many benefits to iTop VPN. The interface is perfect for people who want to customize their VPN experience. It is also a relatively fast VPN and offers better security with essential features such as Kill Switch. ITop VPN, on the other hand, does not have support for torrenting, and no cross-support system.

Why Do You Need iTop VPN for PC?

The iTop VPN encrypts all Internet traffic that enters and vegetation your computer. This prevents third parties, ISPs, and the government from capturing, collecting, or spying on your data and tracking your digital activities such as browsing history. Also, when you browse the Internet, iTop VPN for PC connects to your servers worldwide.

Therefore, sites may not be able to track your IP address, and your PC will display IPs from another country, allowing you to bypass residential blocks and access limited websites from Geo. iTop VPN for PC is a protected personal network that comes with martial rating encryption that allows you to carefully browse public, business and school networks. This is a very fast and secure private network tunnel.

iTop VPN Main Features

This is what makes iTop a basic feature set.

1. Unlimited Bandwidth

As a premium account holder, you will be able to use this service without data restrictions. But if you go with a free iTop VPN download for PC, be equipped to the transaction with 700MB of data for each day. The Windows client displays a meter when disconnected so you can track the rest of your daily bandwidth allowance. Many retailers impose data caps on non-paying customers. Windscribe, Avira Phantom VPN, and Urban VPN, and Speedify, to name a few. But iTop VPN is one of the most generous.

2. Unlimited Speed

Premium subscribers can enjoy connection speeds up to 10 times faster than those offered to free account holders. similar to ZenMate and Hideman VPN, iTop VPN throttles the bandwidth of non-paying users to keep away from network overcrowding.

3. Smart Location

iTop VPN is available in Windows, Android and iOS apps and even Mac operating system, it instantly connects you to the fastest and most stable server. This feature is only useful if the choice of iTop’s virtual IP (Internet Protocol) address does not affect hiding your location. In all likelihood, the iTop VPN will send your traffic to your nearest location for minimal speed loss.

4. Real Time Speed Bar

Each server option comes with this icon, showing someone’s performance at the time of connection. It’s color-coded, so you should be able to tell at a glance except for fast and slow servers.

5. Split Tunneling

This iTop VPN Android attribute lets you choose which mobile apps to save and which to depart alone. Considering the risks of exposing your traffic data, enable split tunneling only when connected to a secure network. Otherwise, make no exceptions and allow iTop VPN to encrypt 100% of your device’s bandwidth.


Pros and Cons of iTop VPN

Here are some pros and cons of iTop VPN.


  • Choice of decent server
  • There is a no-logging policy.
  • Cheap price


  • There is no support for OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP, or L2TP.
  • There is no torrenting downloading support yet.

In a world where our online presence is not secure at all, using something like a VPN is a must for everyone. You can use iTop VPN when you do not want to deal with the hassle of paying for applications or using these services. It comes with amazing value and features that make it a great choice for everyone as a free VPN for multiple operating systems.

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