The business world has advanced. Organizations are entering new business sectors to present their items and services,  consequently pushing them to put resources into CRM programming. To assist organizations with shutting down their arrangements faster and quicker and to assist their development, SalesClap established its framework in 2016. It is an incredible cloud-based programming-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM supplier for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) area. It generally stores clients’ data, like names, addresses, email, telephone numbers, and other vital subtleties, and monitors full-deal exercises. SalesClap makes deals unsurprising and is an authoritative instrument for scaling organizations.

SalesClap is running completely on air, guaranteeing no costly arrangement costs. Clients can work from anywhere on any gadget with a web connection. They simply need to sign in, begin utilizing the product application, and deal with their clients.

The application is made so that it tends to be utilized by a solitary businessperson, independent company set-up, or a huge-scope endeavor. SalesClap doesn’t begin and end with CRM for sales and marketing. The stage empowers the individual to deal with all connections with the clients and possibilities, so the association can develop and succeed, making SalesClap a customer success platform.

SalesClap is working under the essential administration of Amar Jadhav and Poonam Jadhav.

Amar Jadhav is an MBA graduate with 15+ long periods of involvement with information technology, product development, sales, and operations. Poonam Jadhav is a BA graduate with 10+ long periods of involvement with software design and development and DBA.

They thought of a SalesClap software application in 2016. Within a year, they finished the fundamental CRM for the real estate industry. In 2017, they did a pilot run on the lookout and effectively sold 25 licenses. Later in the pandemic time frame, they are wanting to relaunch SalesClap in the market in January 2022.


SalesClap means to welcome the whole AEC sector on one stage. It has made the most reasonable CRM solely for land dealers, designers, and plot vendors. The particular reasons that make SalesClap one of a kind in the market are:

Intuitive Dashboard: A venture application interface that is utilized to follow market leads and deal prospects, cycles, and results. It offers depictions of continuous business exercises for observing and further developing the business sector.

Social Wall Posting: A live or amassed stream of social posts like articles, pictures, recordings, and so on that are projected on any computerized signage screen.

Dynamic Lead Management System: An assortment of strategies, cycles, and methods intended to produce new potential business demographics It has gone through a different scope of showcasing efforts.

Citation Management System: Aims to further develop the organization’s business execution by delivering, producing, and messaging citations, putting away information, and upgrading and announcing highlights.

Stock Management: A part of the property inventory network is the board that incorporates the control of resources and properties. It deals with the progression of properties from providers to customers.

Outreach group management: sets the business focuses of the sales and tele-guest groups and helps in deal anticipation and outreach group execution checks.

Limitless Contacts: For the capacity of limitless contact in the SalesClap contact organizer, It is helpful for promoting and remarketing.

Greatest Opportunities for the Company

“The Indian land area has seen huge development lately, with rising interest in office and private spaces. In the following 4 years, real estate is expected to increase by 15–18 million sq. ft., and the private area is additionally expected to develop surprisingly, as the focal government intends to assemble 20 million reasonable houses in metropolitan regions. There is a gigantic demand for this item in the homegrown and global markets. Our objective nations for business are India, the UAE, the USA, and Europe. We consider powerful interest to be the greatest chance for SalesClap sooner rather than later,” said the  co-founder.


SalesClap focuses on comprehending the customer’s requirements and providing quality arrangements that are significant, result-oriented, and beneficial consistently. It consolidates a shrewd plan and rich innovation to scale the business 10 times quicker.
The vision of the organization is to be perceived as a main CRM organization as far as quality, exactness, and on-time expectations. The organization accepts that the people who challenge the manner in which they work today will lead the way tomorrow.

Worth of Teamwork

SalesClap has an expert group of progress producers who work sagaciously, think decisively, and are imaginative. Presently, it has gifted specialists in every one of the important divisions, like technical, marketing, sales, and finance.

Guidance for Emerging ENTREPRENEURS

As per Amar and Poonam, entrepreneurship is a way of life. They shared a recommendation for arising business people and said, “You really want to accomplish significant work to acquire a feeling of satisfaction. Know your interest group, foster a strong field-tested strategy, set a solid vision and mission, and stick to it. Assemble a solid business network in light of the fact that your organization is your total asset.”


SalesClap has been perceived as one of the “10 Most Recommended Real Estate Technology Solution Providers” in 2020 by CIO Insider.

SalesClap CRM is effectively helping organizations develop business associations with their customers, along these lines building solid brand faithfulness and customer maintenance. In the following five years, the organization intends to extend its business to four nations. In 2022, the emphasis would be on India, followed by the UAE in 2023, the USA in 2024, and Europe in 2025.

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