Pregnancy Trimester – What to Expect, How to Care What to Avoid?

For any woman, whichever age and social strata she might belong to, pregnancy is always a life-altering experience. The thrill of carrying a new life inside you is too overwhelming to be described in words. But at the same time, pregnancy brings about monumental changes in your body and mind, and it is always best to be aware of what lies ahead. Here is a trimester-by-trimester account to help you out as you undertake this beautiful journey towards motherhood.

First Trimester

What to expect?

The first trimester after fertilization is when your body begins to cope with the presence of new life inside It. Be prepared to gain 3-4 pounds on average. Besides, since your body is still adapting to the changes, you might go through morning sickness followed by an intense craving for food and more frequent urination than usual.

It is also quite normal to experience constant fatigue and extreme mood swings ranging from unbridled joy in one moment to crushing sorrow the next. Your breasts may become tender, and both your breasts and skin might develop lines. But fear not. By the 3rd month, not only will nausea disappear, but you will enjoy a rise in energy, though a bit of dizziness may persist.

How to care?

It is essential to visit your doctor at least once every four weeks during these first three months, with additional visits put in if you suffer from high blood pressure. Apart from these regular visits, rush to your doctor immediately if you start bleeding or having cramps. It is vital to put together a proper diet plan and exercise routine in this period in consultation with a doctor.

Besides, you can also discuss your work environment, smoking, and drinking habits with your doctor, who will suggest the best way forward. But in general, these three months require you to have a lot of healthy food and to remain less active.

What to avoid?

Alcohol, , and cigarettes are an absolute no-no during this period. It is also best to stay away from fried or spicy foods having high-fat content. Even apparently, external irritants like heavy chemicals in hair treatments need to be avoided now. Also, since caffeine tends to cause miscarriage, you need to turn to herbal tea to replace coffee. Intercourse, too, should be restricted during the first trimester.

Second Trimester

What to expect?

Popular wisdom considers it to be the most comfortable and enjoyable part of pregnancy. Indeed, watch yourself transform into beauty with glowing skin and bursting with a lot of vitality and energy. The only negatives in this period of your pregnancy are that you might feel a little bloated and might develop a tendency of constipation.

Also, your baby may usually start moving from the 5th month, and you get to go through the indescribable thrill of actually feeling your little one move inside you. You might also experience sudden  drives but take stock of your health before giving in.

How to care?

It is easy to get carried away in the second semester because of the relative comfort you enjoy, but remember that your body and the little life you are carrying inside it still requires all the care they can get. You must drink lots of water to overcome the tendency of constipation.

Also, make it a point to tell your doctor everything you sense about the baby, however unimportant or silly it might seem to you. Tell him all about your baby’s movements and all the other things you can think of.

What to avoid?

Desist from taking long intervals between meals. Also, raw or undercooked food, including poultry and eggs, contaminated seafood, refrigerated or unpasteurized food, unwashed fruits, and vegetables, should strictly be off your food lists. Even prevent yourself from taking a massive amount of Vitamin A as too much of it can cause congenital disabilities in the baby.

Moreover, you should avoid wearing tight and uncomfortable clothes at this stage. Instead, buy yourself some trendy and comfortable pregnancy clothes that you can wear throughout your motherhood journey. When exercising, work out in moderate temperatures and avoid postures needing you to lie on your back. Give contact sports, downhill skiing, park rides, bicycling, gymnastics, horseback riding, sauna, tennis, or running a wide distance. Especially, keep away from scuba diving at any cost. Walking is considered the best cardio workout during pregnancy.

Third Trimester

What to expect?

The most exciting part of these last months is the sudden spurt in movement your baby shows. You will be able to experience a baby kicking inside you! But, on the other hand, lack of calcium is a very common occurrence during this period. You might have swollen hands and feet, and also, there can be shortness of breath. Fatigue generally again makes a comeback!

Sometimes, expectant mothers report indigestion and heartburn, but mostly, the reason behind it is anxiety. The size of the baby and its position can also cause discomfort. As the last month of the third semester approaches, it is perfectly natural to feel some trepidation mixed with a strange joy since the day your baby will arrive in the world is inching closer. Savor the feeling!

How to care?

In the 7th and 8th months, it is necessary to increase your visits to the doctor to twice a month and then go for a consultation every week before your baby is born. Monitor yourself carefully and report any abnormalities, especially burning, abdominal pain, and backache, to your doctor at once. Take small meals, intercepted by plenty of fluids. It is a must to ensure that you are as comfortable as you can possibly be.

Use pillows that suit you and when you sit up, try to use chairs with good back support to prevent backache. But the most important thing is that you need to maintain a positive attitude throughout. Spend time with your partner, read, listen to music-do everything that pleases and soothes you.

What to avoid?

When it comes to food, avoid citrus fruits and juices altogether. Take plenty of rest and do not stress under any condition. You just need to remain happy – the rest will take care of itself.

Once you pass through these nine eventful months, your bundle of joy will be in your arms, and you will be ready to take flight into a new phase of your life.

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