How to Save MBOX file in Gmail Windows 10?

Are you searching for a solution how to save a MBOX file in Gmail Windows 10? And, want to export all MBOX files into a Gmail account with attachments? If yes, then don’t worry because here we have the solution for all of you who are looking for an easy method for exporting all MBOX data into a Gmail account. This blog post will provide you one of the best reliable MBOX to Gmail Converter tools that can perfectly export all MBOX emails from MBOX to Gmail wizard. Also, you will get the free demo opportunity to perform a complete MBOX database into the Gmail conversion process. So, now without wasting any single time let’s start the conversations on this topic.The next part describes the user requirement for transferring MBOX to a Gmail account. It performs the conversion of the items in the mailboxes of multiple email clients like Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Netscape Mail, PocoMail, The Bat!, SeaMonkey, Eudora Mail, etc. in the Gmail folder. During the conversion process, the software preserves all metadata properties, key elements, and the folder hierarchy in the internal e-mail system.

Follow these simple Working Guide to successfully complete this processing

Step 1. Download the MBOX to Gmail Converter on your computer system.

Step 2. The MBOX to Gmail Converter Tool offers dual options for selecting MBOX files from a computer. Select the “Add Files” option to search for a single file of MBOX, and the “Add Folder” option is also available to load the folder with unlimited MBOX data.

Step 3.  Now, click on the Next button and select the option through which you want to move MBOX files in a single Gmail account or in multiple Gmail app.

Step 4.  Enter the Gmail account credentials in the tool’s GUI to convert all MBOX files into a Gmail account.

Step 5. The conversion process will run and display the green live Progressive Migration report which will count the emails. Now check your Gmail folder, all MBOX files completely successfully into Gmail wizard.

How to Convert All MBOX Data into Gmail Wizard with Professional Solution

MBOX to Gmail Converter provides you accurate results with specific details. You can also export the bulk of MBOX files into your Gmail account within single-time processing. The conversion software utility is completely safe and secure to convert MBOX files into Gmail wizard without any data loss. You can run the MBOX to Gmail tool on any Windows Operating System including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. Also, users can export MBOX files to Gmail account along with any item of email information attached like hyperlinks, images, email properties, mail header (To, Bcc, Cc, Subject, From, Date, Time, etc.). It can support all types of MBOX files i.e..MBS, .MBX, .MBOX, with extension and without extension, etc.

Gmail account login id and password are compulsory for this conversion. The expert MBOX to Gmail Wizard comes with two options for adding MBOX files i.e. Add Files and Add Folders Which you can select according to your need. Furthermore, this software offers advanced filter options like To, From, Subject, Date Range, Excludes folders, and so on. The user-friendly graphical interface of this MBOX to Gmail migration tool is very simple to operate this software.


This blog will provide you a complete overview of how to save a MBOX file in Gmail Windows 10. You can follow the above method simple working guide and easily export the bulk of MBOX files into Gmail account at once. Additionally, the demo edition of MBOX Converter is also available for users’ understanding and evaluation purposes. It also provides offers of converting the first 20 MBOX emails into a Gmail/G Suite account.

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