How Could Marketers Make The Most Of IGTV

Instagram TV (IGTV) is the long-term vertical video content channel from Instagram. Learn the easy steps on how to bring your IGTV channel now Could Marketers.

IGTV brings brands or businesses together to make their long-term video content series on the platform. It is the perfect way to join hands with influencers, develop engagements, and build your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Instagram TV(IGTV)

IGTV is the long-term video content channel of Instagram and is also accessible through an app. Instagram introduced the feature in late 2018, and it allows users to make more extended video content than Instagram posts and stories.

Regular users could post 10 minutes of IGTV content, while verified users could post IGTV videos for nearly an hour. The platform allows content creators to upload a minute of IGTV video previews on their main feed section to increase discoverability in 2019.

How to Make a Channel on IGTV

You want to make a channel on IGTV if you need to upload IGTV videos. And it’s an Instagram account. Your account allows you to post IGTV videos within the platform or IGTV app.

How to Monitor the Performance of Your IGTV Video

To get the analytics of your IGTV videos on Instagram:

  • Click on the video content you need to monitor.
  • Click the three vertical (Android) or horizontal (iPhone) dots in the video’s bottom space.
  • Click “View Insights.”

5 Great Ways for Every Business to Use Instagram TV (IGTV)

Here are the best five ways to make IGTV video content or series you could make for your business or brand.

Make tutorial videos

Tutorial video contents are a great way to develop engagement rates effectively. “How-to” video content could cover various topics in your niche. You can make an IGTV video series on makeup tutorials, or it might be one about cooking tutorials.

If your industry sells a service or product, you could make how-to video content providing more information about that particular product or service. This content type will acquire more Instagram TV likes instantly because the audience will grab unknown information about something. There are massive opportunities for your business or brand to bring out an IGTV series.

Conduct a Q&A session.

The Q&A session with your target audience is the perfect way to answer every question your fans may have. Also, it is a beautiful opportunity to provide solid leadership in your niche.

Pro tip: Upload post content to your Instagram story and feed promoting your exciting Q&A session. Ask your fans to raise questions they have about your product, brand, or anything else. You could utilize it during IGTV video recordings.

BTS(Behind the Scenes)

It’s the perfect way to develop transparency for your business or brand. Through showcasing how your company looks—either by interviewing your teammates or filming your workstation—you could grow your brand’s trustworthiness among target audiences.

The result is more authenticity in your industry and products. And the trustworthiness of a brand or business is a crucial part of converting the audience into customers.

Event Streaming

Share your event hosting with your audience on the Instagram TV (IGTV) channel. It’s an excellent way for your target audience to get the events that they have missed. Your audience appreciates your move, and you could provide them with content they could engage with.

Conduct talk shows

You could conduct a talk show centered on your brand on IGTV. Bring guests who are leaders or influencers in your industry. If you are really interested, you could bring your teams together and get an in-house band.

IGTV Best Practices and Tips

Place The Important Part at First

People will scroll through feeds more quickly. You just have a fraction of seconds to grab your audience’s attention with your videos. The first 15 seconds of your IGTV content are crucial to gaining more audience to watch your entire video.

Don’t post videos with a silly introduction, and don’t provide a stupid reason for them to avoid your videos. If you share a one-minute preview in your feed section, you have a better chance of getting a massive audience to watch your video content.

Place essential points and a clue about the result at the starting point of your video, stopping the audience from scrolling through their feed section and getting your entire video.

Utilize hashtags in your description area.

Rather than grabbing your followers to get your IGTV videos, hook your non-followers to watch your entire video by providing relevant and trending hashtags into your IGTV video description. Your video contents then show up on the page for that particular hashtag on Instagram. And also, people who follow that hashtag could get your IGTV video content.

Utilize your brand themes, colors, fonts, etc.

It is just a different app, but not a different brand. Already, it could be an annoying experience to get out of an app to watch other video content, so make the experience more smooth for your target audience. Let everyone know you are the same, but just on a variant channel.

It means sticking to the same vibe, color, and tone as usual. It helps in bringing your IGTV video content to fit into your main feed too.

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