Haunted Railway Stations in World

Haunted Railway Stations in World

Friends, we have told about many haunted railway stations in the world on this blog so far. Today in this episode, we will tell you about the infamous railway stations around the world, including India, that are considered to be haunted. Some of these railway stations are lying closed due to such haunting stories, while others are still passing through these stations in the midst of these haunting stories. What are these railway stations, and what is the story behind them? Let us tell you in detail.

1) Begunkodor Train Station, India


Begunkodor railway station, about which we have already told in one of our posts that no train has stopped at this railway station for the last 42 years till 2009; after that, in 2009, the Chief Minister of West Bengal got the C station started again. | What was the reason for this station being closed for so many years? It is believed that a staff member died in 1967 at this station, located 50 km from Purulia. The local people had told the reason for his death to the spirit of a woman roaming at that station, due to which there was fear among the staff. Since then, no staff has agreed to work here, and this station has been closed for many years. Because of this, its name fell for Haunted Railway Station in India.

2) Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station


Like the Begunkodor railway station, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, also has a haunted metro station. For the past many years, there have been talks about the existence of phantom spirits at this metro station too. It is believed that the last metro leaves at this metro station at 10.30 pm, and then the passengers of this metro station and the drivers of the metro see a ghost-like figure for some time, due to which the night at this metro station Few people come for the journey. Due to the frequent incidents, this metro station has been kept on the list of the most haunted railway stations in India.

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3) Caobao Road Subway Station, China


After India, we talk about a metro station in China, which is considered to be one of the most haunted railway stations in the world. The name of this metro station is Caobao Road Subway Station, which is located on line number 1 of Shanghai Subway Station. In the form of haunted incidents at this railway station, there are incidents like sudden stops of trains, strange sightings, the sound of someone screaming in the night, and pushing someone on the track, due to which this metro station is the most haunted railway in the world. It is considered to be one of the stations.

4) Addiscombe Railway Station, England


England’s Addiscombe Railway Station also falls under the category of haunted railway stations, where no one used to go to this railway station till 2001. Many years ago at this railway station, the driver of the railway committed suicide here. Since then, it is believed that his spirit wanders at this railway station, which was seen by the passengers here at the cook places at the railway station. But later, there has been a slight change in the station, and since then there has been a decrease in haunted incidents here.

5) Waterfront Station, Canada


Canada’s Waterfront Station has also not been untouched by ghosts, and many stories are prevalent about haunted incidents. It is believed that the watchmen who guard the night here see ghost-like figures. Apart from this, the employees monitoring the track here have also seen ghosts many times; since then, the employees at this railway station shy away from doing night duty.

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6) Macquarie Fields Train Station, Australia


Macquarie Fields Train Station is one of Australia’s infamous railway stations. Chanting has become infamous in Sydney for its haunting events. It is believed about this railway station that the passengers traveling in the train at night at this railway station see the soul of a girl, whose screaming sound is also heard by some people. Some passengers also believe that the girl walking on this railway track sees people dancing on the track in blood-stained clothes and suddenly disappears, due to which there is an atmosphere of fear among the people at this station.

7 Panteones Metro Station, Mexico


Panteones Metro Station is a haunted railway station in Mexico, with two cemeteries built right next to it. It is believed about this metro station that when the train passes through a tunnel while going from this station to another station, people are seen running ghosts on the walls of the tunnel, which suddenly disappear. Apart from this, people here also hear the sound of someone screaming, due to which the atmosphere of fear remains in the people, which is why it has been kept in the category of Haunted Railway Stations of Mexico.

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