10 breathtaking places to visit in Spain once in your lifetime

10 breathtaking places to visit in Spain once

No matter who you are, where you are from, or what your preferences are, there is something for everyone in Spain. There are tons of places if you are a history lover, or if you love nature, there is something for you as well. Spain would definitely never bore you; there are tons of festivals in this country that would make your trip memorable one.We have listed 10 breathtaking places to visit in Spain once in your lifetime, so you can enjoy your stay in Spain.


Remembered for its striking, rugged image, Montserrat gives dramatic panoramic perspectives for those who tempt to venture up the cliffside. It is an hour’s distance from Barcelona by caravan. This northwestern town is full of twisted mountains, lush vegetation, and a gorgeous Benedictine sanctuary sat on the perimeter of the Catalonian peaks.

If you are looking to hike to Montserrat Peak, you can choose to enroll in a spiritual resort on an overnight hiking outing to get there at dawn. Visualize that? Crouching on the peak of this grand cliff span in the morning gives some of the best impressions in all of Spain.


The colorful town dozes on the River Onyar and demonstrates the medieval architecture, Roman remains found throughout the Força Vella mansion, and an adequately preserved Jewish Quarter that is outstanding throughout Europe!

One of the decent things to do in Girona is to stroll along the old, medieval fences that jerk and swivel through the eastern border of the town. Also understood as the Passeig de la Muralla, these fences are remnants of Girona’s unique town, with some of the organizations dating back to the 1st century.


Tourists could waste days roaming the huge system of roaming streets and alleyways to hardly take in the mysterious atmosphere the village casts. It has so much to watch and do that Besalú earns an extraordinary day excursion from Barcelona, Costa Brava, or Girona!

Stone arch bridges, sanctuaries, and stone cottages make up the bulk of this town that is seated on the Fluvia River. The apex of the town is the popular medieval stone curve bridge that relates categories of the town over the stream.

Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar creates an incredible day trip. Remembered for its stunning coastline, apex palace, and rocky coves, Tossa de Mar is one of the most unusual spots to tour in Spain.

For those craving an exclusive coast experience, the Cala Futadera is yelling your name! Famous among civilizations that acquire wealthy cruisers, the isolated cove shows off some of the vastly gorgeous clear liquid in Spain. Enjoy snorkeling, paddling with fish, and sitting on the tiny area of the shore only known to a few!


Cuenca is popular for its abundance of sites, interests, and all-around prosperity. Often dominated, this gem of a town is one of the great unique spots to tour in Spain owing to its popular hanging houses.

The most outstanding of the cabins are the three embellished with rigid hallways, dangling rapidly over the ridge’s horizon. To believe them, tourists can roam over the architecturally dramatic San Pablo Bridge and hike up to their bases. Home to an old town, Cuenca is full of animated houses and detailed architecture.


Separated from the typical portion of former churches and palaces, this town is also recognized for its harmonious actions. El 21 is deemed to be among the nation’s decent performance outlets. When you visit the place, do not skip the Somontano wines and Pollo al Children, which is a chicken and pepper dish.

Huesca is a fascinating town in the Aragon area, very near the Pyrenees. The Fiesta Mayor is, furthermore, a colorful celebration to be cautious of. Huesca is one of the most intriguing cities in Spain.


Seville proudly owns three of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These heritage sites are the Reales Alcázares Palace, the Cathedral (which has remains of Columbus), and the General Archive of the Indies. This energetic city can attack your feelings with an uprising of colors and the aroma of orange blooms. Seville is also among the most visited towns in Spain.

The top interests of this place are the Royal Alcázar of Seville, the Plaza de Espana, and the and the Catedral de Sevilla. You can tour the city between March and May to enjoy its attractions.

Sagrada Família

Concurrently with various supplementary Gaudí facilities in Barcelona, the church has UNESCO World Heritage significance. The formation of the popular building dates back to 1882; even though Gaudí perished in 1926, the building continues today. Forecasts say the Sagrada Família should be precise in 2026 and will encompass 18 spires.

Although the whole town of Barcelona is beautiful in itself, the defective creation by Antoni Gaudí, the Sagrada Família church, is completely mind-blowing. Despite its significance as a formation site, tourists can nonetheless appreciate the inner and outer parts of the church, as well as go up in one of the tiny spires for epic impressions of Barcelona.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Strolling into the Plaza Mayor is one of those beautiful minutes that will have you gazing in amazement at the 237 hallways confronting the square’s center, exactly with a sculpture of Felipe III on his horse. Appreciate a tasty, quite costly, but who cares because the plaza is just so beautiful? Enjoy a cold beer on one of the several patios as you understand this 17th-century plaza that was once the area of bullfights, civil enactments, prosecutions during the Spanish Inquisition, and crowning processions.


One of the best-hidden spots to tour in Spain, this gorgeous and green waterfront town in the northern region of Galicia is reminiscent of the enormous, lush terrain of Ireland. This region is full of gorgeous civilization, nice seafood, and peaceful people.

Roaming the enormous and gorgeous landscape of this province is one of the nicest means to discern it. Take a stroll through the dense, leafy wildernesses or alongside the raging northern blues. Cedeira is filled with gorgeous tapas pubs and beautiful seafood diners. You can savor some of the regional delicacies at spots such as the Taberna Praza do Peixe.

It won’t be shocking if, halfway through the directory, a few of you have already begun loading your backpacks. Make sure to visit the above-cited most beautiful places in Spain for an incredible experience. Book your trip to Spain, and don’t forget to check out Spain packages from India. Enjoy your trip to Spain!!!

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