4 offbeat places to visit in rishikesh in 2022

Are you sick and tired of hustling and bustling of city lights and wanna take a break from 9 to 5 life? Well, Rishikesh in Uttrakhand is filled with unexplored places where you can escape and enjoy in the lap of nature, surrender in the bounty of colonial cantonment towns like Landour to Hamlet -based scenic lakes like Khurtapal. Whether you want to embark on your journey in the lapse of Kantar or meditate in the hills of Chopta Rishikesh provides everything to all travel mongers. 

These offbeat places in Rishikesh not only provide you to test your physical endurance but unleash your inner nirvana and peace. For years it had been the spot for Religious people taking a dip at the holy Ganga River, or spiritual people disconnecting from the city lights and experiencing the power of yoga and even the friends and family coming to relax themselves to this beauty that Rishikesh has to offer. However given the current situation that pandemic has to offer, most people prefer to visit offbeat places to avoid the crowded city area to help to unleash hidden traveler in you. Here are some of the offbeat, hidden gems that Rishikesh has to offer you.


Right next to Raghunath temple is the ancient hot water spring called Rishikund. Having a word to mouth that Lord Rama dip in this holy hot water spring while he was in exile It is also said to believe that in ancient times Sages came to this spring to wash their ceremonial sacred washing. . Also known as “THE Pond of the sage”, Raghunath temple can be seen with all clear vision on edge of Rishikund This place is easily accessible with an auto ride rickshaw, located in Triveni Ghats.


Located at Manikoot Parvat, about 21 kilometers from Lakshman jhula in the main Rishikesh city, Jhilmil gufa is the set of 3 caves that offer an hour or even less trail to the dense forest from Neelkanth which is 4 kilometers from the main city. It is one of the serene places that Rishikesh has to offer, best suited for adventurers who love hiking.


Are you lovers of sunsets? Do you love Marine drive, one that is in Mumbai? Well not to worry, the Astha path offers you jaw-dropping views of sunrise and sunsets. Located about 24 kilometers from the main city it is the hub for joggers, yoga lovers, meditators.


The Maharishi Yogi Ashram got famous when the Beatles visited his ashram. The peace tranquility that the place has to offer is uncomparable. The quiet getaway is worth visiting, the entry charge for the Indians is 150 INR and for the Foreigners 600 INR. Known for its musical remembrance this place is offbeat and worth visiting

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