what is a feature of Longfield villas?

Unleash a new chapter of life in the long field villa. Gilco Greens offer you the chance to enjoy luxury and comfort in the Long Field Villas.

Situated in a stately location, each villa is designed and built by a team of designers and developers to suit the living needs of modern homebuyers. European-style design and international-level facilities make these villas an ideal opportunity to invest and realize your dreams.

Amidst the lush green grounds and safe environment, the tall plains villas promise a comfortable life. Environmentally-friendly construction gives you a chance to contribute towards a healthy lifestyle and environmental protection. Through each is furnished with luxurious facilities, luxurious interiors, and a captivating outdoor environment.

The entire project is designed to give you freedom and privacy in a way, while also assuring living in a neighborhood that is safe. Each villa has a separate driveway and private lawn for you to enjoy easy parking and lush green outdoor spaces.

 key features
Spacious 4 BHK Floor Plan
Servant quarters
Train station
Green lawn
Puja room
The warehouse
RERA approved
PUDA Approved
rainwater harvesting
Underground wiring
Dog room

Gilco Greens is committed to offering residential property options that enrich your life with comfort, luxury, and security. Our affordable long field luxury has 234 square yards. Floor plan area that suits your needs and space desire. You can easily modify the design of the kitchen and living room to make your villa more personalized.

Each villa is located on an 80-foot-wide street with independent driveway connectivity. The entire project is RERA and PUDA approved, which gives you peace of mind when investing in a reliable residential property.

Long Field Villas is the perfect way to upgrade your lifestyle and offer your family a luxurious home filled with great comfort. Join us to inquire about the facilities and other details of the property.

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