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Properties of Turquoise

Turquoise jewelry, the striking blue beauty, has been known for hope and protection due to its incredible vivid blue color. The stone is often integrated into imaginative contemporary items and can enhance your collection. This Turquoise stone has been known to the world for more than 5000 years, and it is the only stone with a color name after it. The magical stone is a true gem deal.

It is actually an opaque gemstone with lovely greenish-blue color, excavated from the mines in Asia and carried in via trading routes by Turkey. It took millions of years to pass the water into the rock with minerals like copper and aluminum, and when the chemical reaction was triggered and veins were created, the Turquoise stone was formed. The name comes from the French word for Turkish, as the stone was first taken from Turkey to Europe.

Made for December- borns


This stone has remarkable healing properties for the people born in the month of December and is most suitable and preferred by well-known contemporary jewelry designers. By wearing the Turquoise bracelet, the person can reach the heights of success very fast. Although hard work needs to be there, in terms of luck, this stone will work to its best, making the person grow.

The color and physical properties of Turquoise

The color of the Turquoise ring ould vary from blue-green to yellow-green. Actually, it is based on the number of trace elements. The intense blue color Turquoise stone is the most precious and is always in demand. The copper is incorporated, giving the blue color to the stone, whereas green comes from the chromium and vanadium, and irons bring the yellow color. Moreover, if you see the unusual blue-violet, then it is due to the strontium impurities.

If you see a Turquoise earring, you will find that it has a matte appearance and doesn’t have a sparkling glimmer. The stone’s clarity varies from semi-translucent to opaque, and few pieces can sometimes have matrix veins flowing through them. Most of the pieces would come in opaque form, and few pieces come into the rare transparent Turquoise.

Size and shape of the Stone

The inclusions inside the Turquoise pendants have intriguing designs making them more attractive. These stones are found in various shapes and sizes, but statement pieces are very popular these days. The prime value attributed to every scale is the consistency and evenness of the color. Turquoise is used as a cabochon, and the stone is faceted and used in severe forms based on the style of the jewelry it is made into.

Benefits of wearing the Turquoise

Turquoise has been used as a shielding amulet by legendary people for many years. Kings and queens used to wear these stones in their crowns to protect and safeguard from evil eyes. Wearing the Turquoise necklace is a master healing, as the stone provides the cleansing and the healing energies for the body. The stone will always build the person’s self-confidence, inducing wisdom and understanding and improving your ability to see all aspects of yourself. Turquoise will repeal all the negative energies and is great while traveling, and it could really be beneficial if the wearer travels at night or from an unsafe area. Also, it is called a refinement stone as it helps purify the lungs, soothes and clears the sore throats, and heals the eyes. Furthermore, wearing a Turquoise ring brings good luck and heals your wounds as it is deeply connected to breath and has soothing cool water touch.

Caring tips

Turquoise jewelry should be kept safe when not worn as it could be scratched if not kept safe. Also, keep the Turquoise Studs away from perfume, lotions, and other chemicals, as the color could fade due to these chemical substances.

The place to buy these stone

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