Top 5 tourist places one must visit in india

India has land with great tourism potential its a land with beaches, hills, ghats rivers, mountains, historic, temples, forests, adventures mountain valleys, and exciting wild lives make for enough action to put the part of India on top of your priority.

It also has many forest areas, and that’s you may love to visit.

More than 10M people visit India every year to explore the places they love.

tourist place/Ganga ghats

Some of the historical places all must visit :

  1. Taj Mahal :
  2. As a well-known fact about the taj mahal, it took 22 years to build (1632-53)
  3. Over 20,000 laborers were involved to contribute to the massive project of constructing this symbol of love.
  4. whereas the Sepoy Rebellion (Mutiny) of 1857, it’s believed that some British troopers,
  5. arranged their hands on the valuable  and semi-precious stones from the walls of the place
  6. The taj mahal minarets are not perpendicular
  7. The taj mahal interior has majestic inlay

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2. Golden temple (Amritsar, Punjab ):

  • In the year 1570, the third Guru Sahib introduced the plans of excavating a holy tank
  • The complex of the temple  is located  in the hearts of the city
  • In the middle of the external structure is an artificial water body
  • Guru ka langar is a kitchen in a golden temple it’s one of the biggest of its kind in the world
  • The Shri darbar sahib has four entries in each direction

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  1. Palolem beach (Goa):
  • This beach has a long-stretched shape and it is approximately twenty minutes away from Palolem Beach.
  • You can take a boat for a long fun ride on the sea or go straight to the beach through roadways. It is all good for swimming with a lesser crowd.
  • You can take some of the interesting boat rides here
  • One of the adventures hill climb VR studio

These are some funny and adventurous facts one should know about Palolem  beach before they visit

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4. Shimla ( Himachal Pradesh ):

tourist places /Himachal Pradesh

  • Himachal Pradesh has 33 sanctuaries and 2 national parks in its total area
  • the
  • the place is currently known for the second least corrupt state in India
  • The village is also famous for a weed-tourist destination
  • apart from that, the land is also c
  • The mani Mahesh temple of Himachal Pradesh  is known for the abode of lord shiva

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  1. Ooty (Tamil Nadu):
  • Ooty has the slowest train in India
  • Ooty is heaven for filmmakers
  • The place is built on broken bones
  • A lake called avalanche located 28 km away from Ooty.
  • Emerald lake located in the Nilgiri Nilgiri district

To explore more about Ooty click here

These are some of the funny, exciting, adventures, and historical places in India one must visit.

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