The art of dressing or rather the art of dressing your personality

And if dressing, after all, a completely essential action had a much greater function than just covering us up. We talk about getting dressed and yet we know how much our mood decides the choice of our clothes in the morning. We also know to what extent being well dressed makes us feel better, gives us more self-confidence in certain situations …

We know how well being dressed allows easier communication with others. It’s pretty amazing that something so superficial has such a profound effect on a human being!

To know how to be and to appear seems inseparable.
We could not care – especially on Club House – but in real life who wants to be taken for what he is not!

In short, it is no longer necessary to prove that in order to succeed in the feat that our clothes reflect with elegance and simplicity what we feel, what we want to be associated with what we want to be remembered for, well, it’s quite an art:
some have the knack, an innate creativity or a perfect knowledge of oneself that allows the construction of ideal outfits day after day. For others it will take years to discover to know what is right or not! And for many one day “It’ works , the other not !”

For a guaranteed success on a daily basis, the stylists will rely on the garment itself, the combination of clothes, materials and fabrics, shaped inspired by current trends will form the desired look. The star in this case is the look obtained

But what to do when trying to show off your personality?

The consultant image, on the other hand, will be based I would say be inspired by the physical characteristics of the person:
– The colors contained in your complexion your hair you eyes. She will use these colors as a basis to coordinate them with the color of your clothes: the result is a fresher, younger complexion.
– She will study your silhouette, or it should be rounded or structured. In this case the choice of materials will be important
– Your proportions: if you have an upper body larger than a bottom, you can try to harmonize everything by playing again with the colors but also the cut and the accessories
In short, the art of highlighting what gives you the advantage

Last and perhaps the most important, what Story you want to tell through your clothes: define your style and choose to apply it with intention.

Do you know that choosing and defining your style allows you to send an even clearer message to the people around us. More than two styles in the same look can send a confusing message from you which is not ideal in a professional setting a little less serious in an artistic setting to illustrate my example let’s take the example of someone adept at meditation there may feel best in a natural style of colors reminiscent of heaven earth materials again very natural cotton bamboo very fashionable at the moment.

Those criteria are adaptable whether in casual dress or in a business suit . What this person is looking for is to be in line with his lifestyle and beliefs

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