Reason About Healthcare or Ecommerce – Automation is the New Solution!

Hectic routine and busy lifestyle have become the new normal, leaving us with limited time to cater to the tasks we have on hand. This is where technology has stepped in and become our saviour. The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in the growth of technologies. These have not left any field untouched and have brought along many pleasant changes, including E-commerce automation as well as healthcare automation.
Ecommerce Automation
Investing in an e-commerce store is a great way to ensure that your customers can buy the products at their convenience round the clock. We all know that running an e-commerce site is a full-time job as you have to be available 24*7 to accept the orders. But that is not all; it also includes behind the scene tasks viz multiples chores at the back-end like welcomes emails, monthly newsletter, notifications about discounts or products back in stock and whatnot!

Though you can turn to the manual methods like hiring more staff to meet these needs, this might not be a cost-efficient way since there will always be room for growth. This is when automation or AI can be of help. There are various e-commerce software tools that you can use to manage the workflow. The list of processes where e-commerce automation can be of help is very long. However, some of these include:
• Redirecting a customer to the welcome page after signing up.
• Sending notifications about discounts and products running out of stock or back in stock.
• Grouping customer according to their previous activities to send them specialized offers or emails.
• Reminders about pending items in the cart.
Healthcare Automation
‘Health can never be taken out of the priority list,’ the global pandemic has made each one of us agree to this. On the other hand, the population is growing at an unstoppable rate everywhere, so are diseases and infections. This has drastically decreased the number of health professionals available per person. So healthcare automation has become not only an option but also a necessity as this will make it easier to provide accurate treatment to the patients at the right time.

Robots in health care may seem to be a distant solution, but we can automate other processes to make it easier for both the patients and the staff. This will serve the dual purpose by increasing the efficiency of diagnostics and cutting down the need for paperwork which often leads to administrative errors. Some of the processes where automation is possible in the healthcare industry are:
• Maintaining and retrieving patient records.
• Booking and appointments.
• Employee management
• Claims Processing
Hence we can rightly say that automation is the new trend in both; the healthcare and the e-commerce industries. The good news is that there are a lot of software and tools available for automation. So if you are involved in any of these industries, you might want to start exploring the one that fits your business needs now!

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