Offbeat Destinations Tour in India

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Offbeat Destinations Tour in India

India is one of the largest countries in the world, with amazing tropics and landscapes, national parks with rare birds and wildlife, remote destinations, ancient temples, forts, and palaces, natural trails, and beaches. Every region or state has its own culture and language, and it would take several trips to see them all. We still have overseas travelers coming from 35 years ago, and they still feel like newcomers. As per them, every time they find something new and unique, it increases their curiosity to come back again. If you’re a writer, wildlife enthusiast, or photographer, a few trips are not enough to capture everything in your lens. We have a photographer friend from America who spends so many weeks searching for good images but is still not able to capture everything. Most travelers prefer famous places like Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Rajasthan, and a few cities in southern India, with ending trips in Goa. There are so many amazing offbeat destinations in India where one can enjoy natural beauty, art and crafts, coastal village life, tribes, local culture, and wildlife. There are many reasons to promote offbeat destinations because they are still untouched by tourists and their natural beauty is still preserved. It helps boost the local economy in that area and create some odd jobs. Travelers can enjoy hidden natural trails, waterfalls, local culture, and food. On your next trip, do plan to add a few off-beat destinations in India to your itinerary. North Indian states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Central India, and the whole North East have destinations that have so many hidden towns and villages and can be an ideal place for your next holiday or weekend trip as most of the area is still unexplored by tourists. These places have beautiful valleys suitable for trekking and camping, waterfalls, hidden small lakes with crystal clear water, stargaze from your campsite, apple orchards, and thick forests with beautiful scenic views. Homestays, camps, or small lodges are mostly in remote locations, which is perfect for your trips. These kinds of areas help you relax your mind and give you a positive mindset. A lot of people prefer to stay at these locations while writing books, as the peaceful surroundings help enhance your writing skills and thoughts. Our travel consultants have complete knowledge of remote locations, as they have already done research, and the process of finding new locations is still going on as India is such a big country where we need to consult logistical and weather conditions. Complete details will be given regarding travel time, weather, safety measures, things to do, and accommodation. Come and explore some of the best hidden gems of India, with amazing natural beauty, culture, food, glorious history, art, and culture. We design customized travel packages and suggest other activities as per the requirements. Check out our special packages by selecting itineraries that offer lifetime memories of small towns and offbeat locations.

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