As fuel costs continue to rise, increasing fuel consumption is the best way to save money

 As fuel costs continue to rise, increasing fuel consumption is the best way to save money. Here are some ways to spend less money on fuel and also increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency:

One should gradually accelerate the car and maintain a steady pace, rather than accelerate it aggressively when the car is stationary. Stationary vehicle acceleration consumes more fuel than gradual acceleration, and this principle applies to both manual and automatic vehicles.

Check the condition of your engine air filter at regular intervals. A dirty air filter will reduce fuel efficiency. Therefore, be sure to clean the air filters regularly and avoid driving on dirt roads, as road dust will clog the air filter.

Try to avoid driving at peak hours as this will increase fuel consumption. Instead, travel when the traffic is light. It is recommended to turn off the ignition if you are stuck in a traffic jam or if the traffic light lasts for more than a minute.

Tune your engine every now and then, because a properly tuned engine will increase power and can significantly improve fuel efficiency. Make sure to have your car repaired at an authorized dealer.

All OEMs suggest a specific service life for each vehicle, and it may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Even service centers remember the expiration date for the next service as per the manufacturers suggestion. The purpose of the service interval proposal is to increase the life of the vehicle.

It is suggested that you do not adjust or increase the tire size of your car. Since tires larger than the manufacturer’s recommended size can increase rolling resistance and thus negatively affect the fuel efficiency of cars. You also need to make sure the wheels on your car are aligned and balanced.

Your vehicle should be repaired according to the service life carefully designed by the manufacturers to extend the life of the vehicle. A well-maintained vehicle will not only be more fuel efficient but will also make a reliable long-term companion.

Most cars consume less fuel between 60 and 80 km / h, so make sure not to drive the car above or below this speed. Try to avoid traveling at 80-90 km / h when traveling on a highway as it can drastically reduce the number of miles your car should drive. So you should maintain a constant speed as much as possible.

If you are traveling on a highway at higher speeds, you can fold the car windows and turn on the car air conditioner because it will be more fuel efficient as it keeps most of the wind resistance under control. If you are traveling at slower speeds in the city, rolling the windows in when the weather is nice can be a good idea, and it can save you some fuel as well.

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